I live for Fall weekends like these

October 2, 2016

The last two weekends have been full of fall fun. Yesterday I went to a friend’s baby sprinkle where I gave her a ripple baby blanket and a bonnet I had crocheted (I’ll be posting about them next week, they came out so cute!). After the party ended, I went over to her friend’s house where the dad’s were with all the kids. It was the sprinkle after-party haha.

Later that day we went to a location that had a red barn to take family photos for our Christmas card. I was so worried it was going to rain because on the ride down, we were heading right into dark clouds and drizzle. But luck was on our side and the clouds seemed to part when we got there so we could get some good shots to work with. Lachlan wasn’t his usual smiley self, especially in front of a stranger, so I hope we got a few with a grin at least. The photographer was really sweet in trying to get him to smile though, I really appreciated that. We’ll get to see the pics in a few weeks, I’m so excited to see how they came out.

After the photos were done, since we were close to town, we headed there for Oktoberfest and met up with some friends. We put Lachlan in the firetruck for a pic and they had one of those funny face cut outs that we put his little face into. I love photo opps like that. I only had 2 beers, and one more when we got home to hang out, but I woke up this morning with a killer headache. How pathetic, right?! It felt like I had been at a rager or something but nope, I’m just a lightweight and getting old. But man, look at me being all social and stuff.

So we had a fun time. Sunday we stayed home to relax, did some house stuff, facetimed with our folks, watched old familiar movies. These kinds of days are great, but always seem to fly by and before you know it, it’s 3pm and you’re feeling like you’re still waking up and yet the day has disappeared.

This coming Friday we are going to a pumpkin patch and yup, that means more pics of us doing fall things. I can’t help it, I live for this shit haha.

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