If I could make a baby registry now that my kid is one, this is what I would put on it

February 9, 2017

I previously wrote a similar post of my favorite newborn things, age 0-3 months. So I thought it would be fun to write a post about my favorite things a year later. If I was able to go back in time with the preferences for certain products I have now, these are the specific things I would’ve put on my registry. So if you are pregnant and like to think ahead, I hope you will find this list helpful!

  1. A jogging stroller. These are great for trips outdoors. They handle bumps and gravel really well with those big wheels. They’re pretty deluxe, ride really smooth – glide really, and if you’re up to it, you can…wait for it…jog with it, durr. Ours is this one from Amazon, Baby Trend.
  2. More crib sheets and changing pad covers. Specifically, the sheets with the zipper that makes changing a breeze. I don’t have those yet, but I wish I did! I believe Buy Buy Baby has some.
  3. A lightweight stroller. These are great for trips to the mall or grocery store so you still have room in your trunk for groceries and bags. The lighter they come, the more expensive they can be. And it’s hard to find one with a basket on the bottom, which was an important feature for me. Ours is this one from Target, also Baby Trend.
  4. Size 4 diapers. The weight gap between size 4 and size 5 is huge, so my kid was in size 4’s for the longest time. Still is actually.
  5. Winter outerwear. If you can calculate the size your kid will be around when it’s winter, it might not hurt to add a serious winter jacket and snow pants. Carter’s and Oshkosh are my favorite places to shop for clothes as they always have sales and are pretty cute and functional.
  6. Really cool bath toys. Boon has the best toys and bath time accessories I’ve ever seen.
  7. A cool ride-on toy. My parents got Lachlan this Radio Flyer trike that grows with your kid for his birthday. Available here at Target.
  8. A back pack carrier. Since my babywearing days are over because my kid is a heavy chunk, Brian wears him around in this back pack on hikes or crowded places where a stroller may not fit. Ours is this one, from Amazon.
  9. A back pack as my “baby bag.” I didn’t end up liking the bag I put on my registry because it was too bulky. It was cute but wasn’t going to work for me. I ended up getting a Swiss Gear back pack from Target that feels good to wear. Inside I have room for a separate small bag with diapers and wipes, a water bottle for me, two of Lachlan’s bottles, a space for my wallet, phone, and keys, and room to spare towards the top for small toys.
  10. Toy storage. Like, attractive wood storage because your living room will become a pit of plastic as soon as they can crawl. We haven’t bought it yet, but we are going to get something like this from Walmart or Target. And I want to get two and stack them.

Is there anything you especially like or liked to use when your kiddo was one?

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