I’m doing Couch to 5K – Who’s comin with me man?

September 12, 2013

I finally reached my breaking point with my weight and how uncomfortable I feel in my own skin. To be honest and blunt, I feel like a short fat sausage and at times I look like I’m 4 months pregnant. Now, before I tell you my weight, please know that this is totally personal and I am hoping not to upset anyone who might think, ‘oh gee, she weighs this and she thinks she’s fat? What must she think about me then?’ Or ‘what the hell is she worried about? Her weight isn’t even bad.’ No. That is not my intention. This is my own personal situation. I am 5’3 and 142 pounds with most of my fat in my ass and stomach (oh, and my new boobs which are actually the one good thing about this extra weight). Crap, I can’t believe I just shard my weight online. But I have lived most of my life at or around 125-130. I used to be a ballerina so I was skinny once! So this extra weight (I call it my unemployment weight – since 2011) just doesn’t feel good. I can’t even put my sneakers on without using a bench or something to lean my fat leg on. I’m just really uncomfortable. I don’t fit in any of my clothes anymore. I am rocking a muffin top. Β Yes, a delicious chocolate chip muffin top, just because chocolate chip muffins are my favorite. Just Monday, I had to buy a pair of Dockers in a size 10 so I could button the waist shut without it digging into my stomach, causing said muffin top.

So! Now that you know where I’m coming from…

Once we bought our treadmill it was game on. I am going to doΒ the Couch to 5K program and hopefully stay motivated to finish.

I have to say that at one week in (I officially started day 1 on September 9), I’ve been really enjoying it so far. What’s most surprising is that for one, I am doing it. I am actually running and not dying. I have NEVER been a runner but the way the program works is you start off really easy with mixing jogging and walking and slowly you increase your running time. And at the point I’m at right now, each workout is 20 minutes so I really don’t have any excuse not to do it.

I found that the trick to actually doing this is I have to jump on the treadmill as soon as humanly possible after I get home from work because if I find my way to the couch, it’s game over. I know myself well enough that I won’t want to peel myself off the couch to make myself a sweaty mess and leave my precious Farmville Facebook game once I introduce ass to couch.

There’s two things I’m worried about:
One – I’m worried that I’m not going to lose any weight. I’ve read lots of articles about how runners gain weight because of building muscle, but I can’t possibly be any worse off than I am right now without having any exercise in my life at all. If that does end up happening, at least my heart and endurance will benefit. I’m not really concerned about the weight right now though. I’m just focusing on keeping with the program and not quitting. But for the record, I am actively trying to eat better too.

And two – I have pretty bad scoliosis so I have a hard time with breathing and catching my breath (hence the reason why I’ve never been able to run). Like, that really deep satisfying lung filling breath you take when you yawn deeply…I can’t get that full lung feeling while running so during my walking section, I kind of have to hunch my shoulders forward a little to be able to do this. It fucking sucks but tough shit. It’s time to woman up.

But if I do end up losing weight I’d like to share some before and after pics if I have the guts to share, (or if I don’t have the gut, if you know what I mean) but I am NOT promising anything!

Would anyone like to join in with me? We can keep each other motivated. The program requires you to run 3 days a week for 9 weeks. Click here to see the C25k running plan. And if you are going to do it on a treadmill, click here to see the running plan with the times written out.

And here’s a fun little article about C25K on How Stuff Works because I love the podcast.

Who’s coming with me, man?

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