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September 8, 2016

I want to tell you guys about Indigo Artbox! But first, I have to tell you that the extend of my drawing abilities is abysmal. So when Melissa, the founder of Indigo Artbox, contacted me about trying one of her boxes out, I admit, I was hesitant. But she told me that she was actually looking for people who were new to art with no art background at all and that it was more about giving it a try and having fun.

The main point of Indigo Artbox is that the product is for learning creative expression by using art history for inspiration, not just as supply delivery, which is why they also incorporate a high quality art history and art skill video that you can access online with your subscription. They present one way of making art in the videos so that you can learn a technique and feel like you are getting more than just supplies.

After you learn a technique from the videos, you can build confidence that allows you to move beyond trying to copy. In each box, you get to try out new types of materials (like oil pastel or clay) and then you will most likely build on your skills in subsequent boxes thereafter.

Here’s what came in my Degas inspired box:

Each box contains all the supplies you need for your art project. This box contained a storage case, 1-2 art cards for inspiration, the tools you need for drawing (dry erase marker, sketch pencil, soft pastels, and eraser), paper, a piece of clear plexiglass for tracing on, and 2 online videos (1 art history, and 1 instructional). Boxes start at $29.99 a month.

I loved the instructional video. It was very clear, provided excellent instructions, and helped get me through each step from set up to completion of my drawing. When it came to shading, it was very helpful to follow along because otherwise I would’ve had no idea what to do!

Here’s my set up:

After watching the video, I created a clear template of the art piece by tracing over the actual art card so I could then base my pencil sketch off my own lines in each quadrant. This helped me immensely since I was just copying my own line work!

Here’s my pencil sketch and the beginnings of the soft chalk pastels color work:

After about an hour, here is my finished piece. And keep in mind, I have zero experience with drawing so the fact that my dancer came out looking like what one would recognize as a dancer gave me confidence to think about doing this again! And I have enough supplies to make a second drawing which I will attempt at a later date.

I think anyone totally new to art and thinking about starting a new hobby would enjoy Indigo Artbox. And at the same time, anyone who is experienced in art will appreciate growing their skills. It’s a like taking a private art class at home.

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