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December 3, 2017

Man, I just haven’t been motivated to blog lately. We’ve been enjoying the holiday season and I’ve been feeling kinda shitty and under the weather.

So Thanksgiving was a quiet one. Because my parents were here the week before for Lachlan’s birthday, we were on our own for turkey day. So while they were here, we had a pretend Thanksgiving then which was delicious. But we decided to make ham on the real Thanksgiving to change it up. That was good too! We stayed home, watched Christmas movies and eventually put the tree up that weekend.

And yes, just as we suspected, Lachlan is in love with the tree and all the ornaments, so we made sure to put the super special and breakable ones up top while we put the soft, handmade, don’t-really-care-about ones on the bottom. We’ve had one ornament catastrophe so far, but it was only a plain white ball. And I want to get new colors for next year anyway.

Fast forward a week, it was Brian’s birthday. We went out for some BBQ, and thankfully the restaurant was empty because as we all know, eating out with a toddler is IMPOSSIBLE. I made Brian some brownie cookies for dessert and got him some cool Steve Madden boots.

December is here now, and our outdoor decorations are up even though it’s been unseasonable warm and feels more like early September. Christmas presents for Lachlan from his cousins and grandparents are trickling in, actually no, they are pouring in by the truck loads. He has officially more presents from them than from “Santa” so we’re going to probably keep some hidden from him until a random time next year to keep things interesting. Our main present for him is a train table. I actually don’t really know what else I have hidden downstairs for him because I bought a bunch of stuff for him during the last ginormous consignment sale in September.

What else…Lachlan has been saying more words which is really cute to hear. He learned “brokey” because of how often he rips off the top of all the ornament balls. But according to his pediatrician, he should be putting together two word sentences by now, and he’s not. So we set up an evaluation for him. There’s a service in our county that does all this for free so we figured it couldn’t hurt and he’ll probably have fun. And if he qualifies for any services, the therapy and preschool will be free. But I’m just not too worried about it right now. He’s always been a little slower with all those milestones, but he eventually hits them on his own time.

And I think we’re going to start attempting to potty train soon. And by that, I mean get him a potty and let him sit on it when he wants. I really don’t think he’s gonna get it right away, but he’s super interested in watching us pee and now, when he poops, he will let us know by looking at us while grabbing the back of his pants. So that’s been helpful.

We visited Santa just yesterday. I think if there was some sort of meet-and-greet before the actual lap sitting and photo event, he just might have let Santa hold him, but of course there’s no time for that. So when it was our turn to go up for our picture, Lach wouldn’t release his death grip from Brian, so we all got to be in the photo. I had a feeling that was going to happen, so thankfully I did my hair and wore my dress boots.

So that brings us up to present day. I’ll be back with another post soon enough!

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