It’s been quiet but I’ll be back!

June 6, 2014

Yay it’s Friday! But I haven’t been able to think about anything other than IVF and egg retrievals and shots and pain that I haven’t found the time or inspiration to put together a bookmark dump post. I’m sorry! I promise I still feel like blogging about things other than babies and what I’m going through, but right now I don’t have anything to contribute. I’m more active on Instagram right now so you can follow me there for updates. But I anticipate it being a little quiet here for a while. I mean, I haven’t even crocheted!!

But I’m taking off of work all next week to recuperate from egg retrieval and be on bed rest after the embryo transfer so perhaps I’ll have stuff to write about then. I certainly have a bunch of books and crochet projects I want to attack. Thanks for all your encouraging comments here and on Instagram!

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