Keeping with new traditions: Guanella Pass, 2017

October 2, 2017

Last year we went on a ride up through Guanella Pass to see Fall leaves and after we finished, I immediately wrote in my calendar for 2017 that this would be the best weekend to go. However, since we had a super hot summer this year, apparently that pushes the leaves into changing colors sooner, so while we still got to see breath taking views, a lot of the Aspens were bare. I think we missed the peak by a week. So now that I know, I’ll be sure to write that into my calendar! We went with some friends, Brian’s coworker was kind enough to loan us his mini van so all 6 of us could fit in the same car, and put the kiddos in the back seat together. So much fun!

Here’s some of the best pics, most of which were at 11,000 feet and I wanted to die walking back to the car lol

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