Lachlan’s first haircut

March 22, 2017

He needed a haircut badly, but I kept pushing it off because I just didn’t want to get rid of those sweet baby curls! His hair was falling into his eyes, he had developed this sorta cute baby mullet, but damn, those curls were so cute! I knew as soon as they were cut off I’d miss them, which holds true. But he looks so handsome now! He looks like a little boy and not a baby. This makes me feel so sad, but proud.

So in anticipation of his first professional haircut I booked for last Saturday at a kid’s salon (I don’t really count that time I snipped off the long Ebeneezer Scrooge curls over his ears as a “hair cut”) I changed him into his cutest clothes  and chucks from Gramma, and took some “before” photos in our backyard so I could remember those soft baby curls (ahhh my eyes are stinging a little. Why am I so attached to his hair? Probably because I know I will never get to touch them again, especially since he is going to be an only-child and I won’t get to touch them on another baby waaaahhhhh!)

Anyway, here are some of his cutest “before” photos:

The salon we went to was pretty impressive! Each chair was really a race car (with straps, thankfully), and had a tv for cartoons or video games in front of it. He doesn’t really care about cartoons yet so that didn’t help. And he doesn’t know what the heck a lollipop is so we couldn’t bribe him what that. But at first it seemed we didn’t have to.

He sat there so sweetly with the little cape around his neck (my eyes keep stinging, damnit!). And then the hairdresser started clipping away, and too eagerly if you ask me, but she saved a piece of it for us to put in his baby book and she was kind with him. It was probably about 3 minutes in when he realized, “I don’t like this” so he started to cry, and then I almost cried but I held it together. But the hairdresser was super impressive. She had his hair done in probably 6 minutes, and he was moving the entire time trying to get out, I was holding his face in my hands so she could clip around his ears really neatly. I had hair all over my shirt but I didn’t care.

Before she finished, she asked me, “Is this short enough?” and I said, “Yes! Please don’t go any shorter!” And like that, it was done! My baby was a little boy and they gave us a certificate with a lock of his hair and a picture of him. How stinkin cute is that?! As good as he looked, I was so incredibly sad on the ride home. But started to feel better after a while of getting used to his new look.

And here’s his “after” shots!

I totally love his hair now even though I still miss those soft curls. Why does he have to grow up so fast?

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