Lachlan’s first swim class

April 18, 2017

We signed Lachlan up for some swim classes at a nearby pool. I was seriously impressed with the place as soon as we walked in. First of all, they were super friendly, but also they require all kids to wear TWO swim diapers. I was thrilled. Having had to leave our local pools at FOUR nearby rec centers because of SO many code browns, it felt very healthy and clean in there. Guess the threat of a $500 fine gets people to play by the rules!

Anyway, Brian is doing the swim classes with him because I myself, can not swim. I HATE putting my face in the water as I always get water shooting up my nose. And I do not want Lachlan to be as scared of water as I am. So Brian got in the pool a few minutes before the class started to get Lach used to the water. There were only two kids including Lach in the class. It was the other little guy’s 7th lesson and he was such a little water bug, loving the water! Lachlan was having a good time for the first half too. He was enjoying the activities, and even didn’t seem to mind putting his face lightly in the water.

HOWEVER, the last activity they did before class ended was “walk” across a firm floating mat to the other side. Now, both Bri and I knew he wouldn’t be able to do this, but the teacher said we might be surprised. Yea, well I sure was! Lachlan did NOT want to walk and once he was up there, he took one wobbly step and fell hard like a boulder into the water sinking deep and fast. Brian quick grabbed him back out, but this was the moment I was so terrified of happening even weeks before his first class. Those two seconds to get him back out felt like a fucking whole minute! I was like, what’s taking so long, get him out!! FASTER!! He sank so fast, holy shit!! Even though this happened last week, it still makes my stomach turn in knots just thinking about it.

Once he was out, he had that shocked look on his face like what the hell just happened to me? But he didn’t cry. And then he didn’t really wanna participate anymore. Which was fine since class was over anyway. I just don’t want him to be scared to try again because of what happened. It sucks being scared of the water. But at least now the scariest thing I was worried about has already happened.

During his bath a few days after the lesson, he put his face in the water and was laughing, so I think he’ll be alright.

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