Last shots of home

July 14, 2014

Sunday was our last full day in the house before the movers come today. Things were a complete mess in an organized chaos of boxes, bags, tubs, and things brought down from the attic. I woke up with a headache or the one I had from the night before just never went away. My heads been acting a fool from coming down off all my crazy IVF hormones the last month. I know I’ll be happier once we’re in Colorado but right now I’m kinda grumpy and feeling a little down. I’m more disappointed than sad that we are leaving. After the shock of hearing about this relocation last November,  we both started disconnecting from the house so it wouldn’t hurt so bad to leave it…and it worked. I’m not really attached to this house anymore. I would find myself hating on little things that didn’t bother me before. I’m more attached to what I thought would happen in this house rather than the house itself, like getting to decorate the nursery, getting to host a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner here with our families, finding kids in the neighborhood who were our own kid’s age to play with, things like that.

So right now we’re looking forward for this chapter to hurry up and end so we can give our emotions a rest. I’m looking forward to vegging out in a hotel with nothing to worry about other than what to eat for my complementary breakfast and what color granny square to make next.

Watching Scooby Doo and waiting for breakfast

Making french toast

Rainy morning – Goodbye big yard

Rupert in his new tank for the road trip

I’m gonna miss the shit out of this bed for a whole month

Bribed with cookies and showing off my crochet mood blanket which I am aiming to complete in the hotel

I don’t feel like being nice today

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