Last week was for Etsy, molars, and babysitters

January 31, 2017

Lots happened last week. I officially opened my Etsy shop, Lachlan’s molars are coming in, and we saw Split.

I’ll write a better post in regards to my shop soon, but I finally had time to finish up all my unfinished projects, took photos, and opened my shop, Wooldebeest on Sunday! It’s been a long time since I sold on Etsy. The last time I was there (2005 maybe?) I had sold lots of felt pop tart phone cases and felt cacti in little terracotta pots. And this time I was dragging my feet because to be quite honest, I was afraid. I’m scared of failing, scared of having all these things made and ready to go and never getting a sale, scared of pissing a customer off, scared of getting any ideas I have ripped off. But I really wanna give it a shot. I feel like all things “baby” is a pretty good niche to be in and I really enjoy making baby things. So that was my mentality for jumping in.

Also, starting last week, Lachlan has been a miserable little guy due to molars (I think, or maybe it’s canines?) coming in. I’m guessing molars because it’s the absolute worst. I couldn’t feel anything in there at first so we weren’t sure if maybe it was just a cloudy period or growth spurt. He’s been so sensitive, crying, fussing, not eating, drooling like crazy, and he puked in his crib and went back to sleep in it one night. He only wants Brian to hold him and we are all suffering. Today, I finally felt something in there so now I’m sure that’s what the problem was. Giving him Ibuprofen seems to give him some relief and be his normal happy self, and it was the first time all week I had my baby back. But damn, fuck you molars!

And finally, we got a sitter and went to The Alamo to see Split last Friday. I thought it was pretty good. I always liked M. Night Shyamalan’s movies and this one was good too. But I don’t think it was my favorite one. I was most excited about finding out what the twist was, as most of his movies do. I’m not going to say anymore so I won’t spoil it, but yea, it was good. I love The Alamo because you can get dinner there too so you can kill two birds with one stone, which is especially important when you are paying a sitter. When the heck did “dating” get so expensive? A night out with a sitter is easily $100 when you add up the food, movie, and sitter’s fee. It’s crazy, man. I wish so bad my fam was close by to help us out on date nights. It would be such a luxury!

And Brian made a point Sunday night that I totally agreed with, but hadn’t been able to put it into words. He said (and I’m paraphrasing because I have shit memory), “I’ve never felt as old as I do until we’re getting ready for a date night out together before the babysitter comes over. We are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum now.” And it’s true. Getting ready before a sitter comes, I just get this insanely strong feeling of overwhelming responsibility, and having to plan this one night out to a T isn’t easy but we do it anyway because we are adults and have to do these things. One of our sitters doesn’t have her license yet and so I go to pick her up. And sheesh that makes me feel old as hell!! I swear, in my mind I’m as old as them, maybe 16 years old. And at the same time, because of how young I feel, am I coming across as one of those dorky “old” adults who thinks they’re “cool and hip” with the teens these days because they feel like they can relate to them, but then the teens poke fun of them behind their backs for that very reason?

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