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May 5, 2013

I’m going to do some more free writing here about the weekend and with a bit of dry sarcasm fresh on my tongue.

Brian and I have been obsessed (even more so, thanks to Pinterest. Yup, I got him into Pinterest) with coming up with ideas for our new house, specifically paint colors and closet organization. We went to Home Depot yesterday (we had enough time so we made a day of it….Old School joke) and looked at their wooden closet organization sets where you can pick and choose the size and number of drawers, height of the clothes rack, totally customized stuff like that. I told myself I will be making mine low to the ground in my closet since we will each have our own. I usually have to jump and reach way up to grab a sweater or jeans off the top shelf because of my shortness and I freakin hate that!

Then we raided the paint samples and circled colors and schemes that we liked when we got home. At times it seems overwhelming having so much to do, but I look forward to it coming together. I admit that we are guilty of being a part of “generation now” where we will want our house to look done as soon as possible even though it’s just not financially possible. So we decided that the first few projects we will tackle will be to get furniture for the upstairs living room and the downstairs family room, paint for the bedrooms, and start looking into our DIY stone patio in the backyard. Actually, that sounds like everything we need to do so that just solidifies the fact about the whole generation now thing…

After Home Depot, we went to the mall to see Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines. I didn’t really like it. I hated it actually. It might of had to do with the fact that we were subjected to smelling vile perfumes and colognes the entire time. We moved to the empty seats behind us because the old man in front of us had on very strong old man cologne. But then a woman came in and sat in front of us where we just were, and she reeked even worse. Go figure! This shit always happens to us. I had my sweater sleeve over my nose the entire time because I didn’t wanna move again because people would think we were weird or something, and I hate that feeling. But I had no idea what to expect from the movie. I didn’t even see a preview. But it was so slow in the middle I almost suggested that we leave. Plus, I was starting to get a migraine from the bitch’s nasty perfume that was invading my personal space for over 2 hours. I went right to bed as soon as we got home because I was in so much pain.

I am going to sound like an old fuddy-duddy bitch right now (if I haven’t already), but I really hate going to malls, especially on weekends where there are entirely too many fucking teenagers. They are rude, loud, baby faced and with their hands full of each others tits and asses. They are going to get pregnant and die. Did the guys I dated look like that when I was a teen? I certainly don’t remember the boys having such baby faces when I was in high school, but I’m sure they did. It’s just strange to see a fully developed girl with a tall scrawny boy with a pea-sized head whose face makes him look like he’s 12. It seems like the girls are at a disadvantage because that’s who they are swooning over.

Anyways, I will do anything I can to avoid going to a mall ever again. As long as I can shop online and have access to Netflix, I’m good.

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