Let’s Talk About Wet Shave Club!

September 24, 2014

Today I want to share another subscription box with you, this time it’s for guys. Specifically for guys who shave. Thank you to Wet Shave Club for providing me, or my husband rather, with this awesome box to review!

First of all, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that Brian recently shaved his entire beard off, causing us both to go into shock. It was over 10 years since we both saw his bare face and we decided that taking it to the extreme like that wasn’t going to happen again. Well, his beard finally grew back in and he’s been doing a nice job at maintaining it. Enter Wet Shave Club.

Wet Shave Club is a monthly subscription box for men. You’ll receive traditional shaving items in each box. Your first box has everything you need to get started and includes a classic safety razor, a brush, 2 packs of straight razor blades, soaps and a few more little extras like astringent and an aftershave……. The soaps smell so good! You’ll also get a little instruction guide to using the soaps and how to hold the razor the right way.

And each box afterwards contains replacement blades, aftershave, soaps and more.

Brian liked how the soap enabled him to get a closer shave. Sometimes shaving cream is so thick that it prevents the razor from getting as close to the skin as it can thanΒ with shaving soap. And the soap lathers up easily. He was a little unsure at first of using a straight razor but once he got the hang of holding it at the right angle, it was easy to get a nice shave. And no cuts either! He says the smoothness lasted longer too.

Pricing starts at $29 a month and is available in 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. You can save money with longer plans. Also, shipping is free in the US and they ship internationally too for an extra $7.99.

Gift subscriptions are also available which would be great with the holidays coming.

Here’s a before and after of my man:

So cute.

Okay! So we both would recommend trying Wet Shave Club if you are into a close classic shave. He liked the way the soap allowed him to get a closer shave and I liked the way the soaps smelled. The packaging was pretty cool (and manly) too.

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