Let’s talk Lularoe Leggings

February 22, 2017

I can’t remember how I first heard about Lularoe, probably from people I follow on Instagram, but I fell into the deep, bright, colorful, and addictive world of Lularoe about a month ago and have been hooked ever since.

Lularoe is known for their buttery soft leggings in fun, crazy, colorful patterns and colors only available for sale through consultants. These consultants mainly sell on Facebook through “pop-up shops” which is basically a small window of time where you can purchase on certain days. Each consultant picks their own times and days so depending on how many Facebook groups you’re in, there’s most likely a sale going on every day of the week.

So what’s the big hype, you ask?

Lularoe only produces each of their patterns a set number of times before they never produce it again (I’ve seen this number vary from 2500 to 5000 in my research, so I’m not sure exactly). So if you find a pair you love, you never know when or if you’ll ever find it again. This creates “unicorns,” which are highly sought after patterns that are hard to find because so many other people like them too. That is one smart marketing strategy!

How do you buy? Here’s where it gets a little confusing (at first):

You join a Lularoe consultant or multi-consulttant group on Facebook (with multi-consultant groups there’s more inventory to choose from because there’s more consultants sharing their inventory so there’s a higher chance for you to find a pattern you love). Then it’s really important to read the group’s pinned post to make sure you know the cost of shipping, the return policy, and what time the sale begins because sometimes, though the inventory images are uploaded, the sale may not start for a few more hours. This is to allow the sellers time to get their albums up and ready. So any “sold” comments left before the sale officially starts are void and deleted so read the pinned post! Once it’s sale time, you have to comment “sold” on the photo of the pair of leggings you want and if you’re first to comment, then great! The consultant will send you an invoice, you pay, and they’re yours. If you’re second, you can comment “sold next” and they might have a second pair or if the first person doesn’t pay their invoice, they’ll go down the comment list to whoever’s next.

So I found a few local consultants around where I live and followed their groups so if they have a home boutique set up, I can stop by to try on different items to find my sizes in each piece (there’s more than just leggings, lots more!). So I bought my first pair of leggings from a local consultant. After that I was like, yea I get it, these are pretty awesome. That’s when things got out of control. I joined about 30 more Facebook groups, got addicted to hunting for more cool patterns, bought a second pair of leggings from a group that offers free shipping/no tax, and then I bought a skirt (with pockets) from a group that sells Lularoe on clearance. Now I want to get some t-shirts but my bank account needs a chance to recover first.

How much do Lularoe leggings cost?

The leggings aren’t cheap in my opintion, they typicaly run $25 a pair. That’s mainly why I kept searching for ways to obtain Lularoe at discount prices, so it is possible to find new pieces at a discount. But obviously, the most sought after patterns may not be available in these groups since they already got bought up at full price…but hey, you may get lucky! So $25 might seem high but the endless patterns and softness and comfort; it’s worth it I think.

Lularoe has a whole range of different pieces besides leggings that include dresses, shirts, skirts, and cardigans, alot of which can be worn multiple ways. Just do a search on YouTube. I’m dying to find a classic tee to match my feather leggings so that’s next on my list.

The nitty gritty: Lularoe’s waistband

It’s easier to see the waistband on the front pair with feathers, but Lularoe’s waistbands are nice and wide at 3 inches. They do not contain an elastic inside, it is only the fabric of the leggings folded over and seamed. I personally love Lularoe’s waistbands as they lie smooth across my belly and do not dig in or show a dent beneath my shirt. The wide waistband allows for a great comfy stretch from side to side as well as up and down. I can hike these babies up to beneath my boobs if I wanted. I like the way this sucks everything in and feels nice and together. Size OS (one size) fits 2-10 and size TC (tall & curvy) fits 12-22. I typically wear a size 6 in Levi’s jeans and OS fits really comfortably.


The inseam in Lularoe leggings while lying flat is about 25 inches. This may sound short to most people, but I promise you, these will stretch to fit even tall ladies. I’m 5’3″ and even though I could probably wear petite sizes in pants, I don’t prefer them because they end up feeling like high waters. These leggings hit just above my ankle when I put them on and don’t pull or stretch them. I love this! If I wanted to I could pull them farther down or higher up and they’d still fit great.

Final thoughts

I really love these leggings. The softness, the patterns, and best of all, the knees don’t get baggy. I hate baggy knees! It can be time consuming to make a purchase, there is no way to see all the patterns at once, and you may never find a certain pattern again once it’s gone, but that’s what creates a hype. Even though the cost isn’t ideal for my budget, I will still splurge every now and then, especially on a pattern I know must be mine when I see them.

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