Let’s talk Viv Collection Leggings

March 1, 2017

Last week I wrote about Lularoe leggings, and now I’d like to talk about ViV Collection leggings. While I was in the thick of my Lularoe obsession getting high on the thrill of the hunt, as happy as I am with my Lularoe’s, I was hungry for more. But at $25 a pair, my wallet wasn’t all too thrilled and it was time consuming to shop.

So I began searching for an inexpensive alternative and I discovered ViV Collection on Amazon. After reading the many positive reviews others have left, I kept re-reading over and over how people compared them to their Lularoe’s in softness and quality so I knew I needed to try these on to see for myself.

So let’s see…

Softness and Patterns

Right off the bat, ViV Collection leggings are extremely soft and smooth feeling. They offer a great selection of pattern choices too which I was really happy about. I especially love the symmetrical aztec type patterns the most, just a personal preference! And they had a lot of those to choose from.

Let’s get down into the nitty gritty, shall we?

The waistband

The waist band on these leggings is elastic and that elastic is 1 inch wide. There’s great stretch in the elastic waist band too. Size “regular” fits 0-12, and size “plus” fits 14-24. I am a size 6 or 8 in jeans depending on how high the waist band comes up. So since I typically like wearing low-rise jeans, I’m usually a size 6 in Levi’s jeans. Below you can see how wide the elastic is.

The other thing I like about these leggings, is that because they are so stretchy, I can hike these babies up high covering my entire tummy which makes me feel pulled together and comfy. This also prevents any elastic line from forming across my tummy, therefore drawing negative attention to it.

The inseam

I am 5’3″ and although I could wear petite sizes in pants, I don’t prefer petite sizes because they end up looking like high waters so I stick to a regular length and just deal with the longer back of my pant leg. The inseam on these leggings is about 26.5″. Because of the extreme stretchiness, I see absolutely no problem with tall women wearing these as well as shorties like me. When I wear them naturally without pulling or stretching them, they hit below my ankle.

The price

You can purchase these leggings here on Amazon for $12.99 ($13.99 for plus size) or from their personal website ViV Collection for $11.99 ($12.99 for plus size).

Final thoughts

Pattern is Rainforest Paisley

I have to say, I feel like these leggings are just as good as Lularoe and for half the price! They feel nearly identical in softness, they are comfy, very soft, very stretchy, come in many fun prints, are easy to purchase, and are very budget-friendly!

Pattern is Urban Motley

Thank you to ViV Collection for providing me with these leggings to review.
All opinions are honest and of my own.

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