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June 13, 2015

I finally told work I’ll be leaving at the end of July. I gave them 6 weeks notice because I want to make sure they find a replacement for me before I go so my coworker isn’t left stranded. I really do enjoy working there, the people are nice and the work is easy, it’s strictly a matter of the commute. I cry at least once a week (hormones) because of a traffic jam or accidents that add another 30 minutes to my drive. And lately, the last 30 minutes are so are just killer on my back and thighs. Oh, and apparently there’s a highway sniper shooting at random cars right near where I work! He shot 2 people. Dick.

It’s been raining a lot lately, recently even hailed (and tons of tornado warnings!) and the storms mess with my headaches, but it’s been pretty nice for the most part. Everything is really green and I enjoy leaving the windows and doors open (except on the days when this one neighbor leaves his nightmare of a dog out to bark all day. Next time it happens I’m reporting them. I mean, we got a notice to remove our own trashcans from sight from the home owners association, but they don’t do anything for noise disturbances. Dicks).

I finished reading Blaze by Stephen King (as Richard Bachman). It left me feeling ehhh like most of his books do at the end. It’s all about the buildup with him, even in his early days. I still enjoy his books though. Right now I’m reading What Alice Forgot. I have a feeling I won’t be able to finish it in time before it’s due back at the library. It’s pretty long and the pages are thin.

The new season of Orange is the New Black is on so that’s my main focus right now.

I finally finished the pom pom mobile for the nursery. It took extra long because I’m extra lazy and tired these days but it came out freaking awesome. I love it. Once I get some good pics of it I’ll share more…maybe a tutorial even.

My life is consumed with being pregnant so it’s hard for me to think of anything else. That’s why I’ve been quiet on here lately. I really don’t want to have every post be about pregnancy but it’s hard to think about anything else when it’s all I wanted for so long. But I am currently 18 weeks, and feeling his kicks hard enough to feel with my hand on my stomach if I’m very patient. I’m still trying to get Brian to catch a kick. It’s random with lots of silence in between so we miss the opportunity. I’m about ready to paint the nursery closet, which I finally emptied of ALL my craft supplies. That was a chore. I have to paint the back wall and we’re gonna get some storage system from Home Depot built in there. I’m excited. And I got my free Medela breast pump, thanks to insurance. I can’t believe I got something for free out of all this haha.

Looking forward to
August for my parents and in-laws to come out for a visit for my baby shower. We’re also going to go on a mini vacay to a lake for a weekend or so. I don’t want to fly anywhere and be away from my doctors so we’re staying local for the summer.

Like I said before, I’m having a hard time coming up with content that’s not infertility or baby related so that’s why I’ve been quiet on here because I don’t want to bore or lose any readers. I think eventually I’m going to stop caring about other people’s feelings and do what I want since I am the one paying to keep this blog up and running, and that’s what will feel most natural to me. But for now, I’m still trying to figure out a way to incorporate it in a way that isn’t isolating to those who have no interest in babies and pregnancy. Take it or leave it, in the end, I look at my blog as a sort of journal that follows my life, and right now my life is changing so that means what I write about will change too! For all those that may leave, new folks may stay.

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