Life around here lately – So over this snow!

February 10, 2014

We’ve been getting slammed with snow storms left and right lately. Frankly, I’m sick to death of it and more than ready for old man winter to just die already. Peco, our power company, said that the power outage caused by last week’s snow storm with HEAVY snow and rain was the second largest power outage since Hurricane Sandy. But by some divine intervention, I did NOT lose power in my house! I couldn’t believe my luck. Some people were out for days and renting hotels to take showers in. The people across the street lost their power, but our side didn’t. And it was a good thing too because my sister lost her power so she got to come over and stay warm, and Brian was in Florida for a work trip so we would have been on our own with building a fire, which isn’t easy in our little stove insert.

Unfortunately, my favorite tree in the front yard was damaged pretty badly. Just about everyone in the neighborhood was revving up chain saws Saturday cutting down the damaged trees. We are going to have to buy one now. I’ve never seen such tree damage before. It invoked this strange type of sadness in me, like I felt their pain in their broken limbs and I probably cried for all of 3 seconds at one point lol. Most trees branches were so weighed down by the snow that they were touching the ground and blocking an entire lane in the road. They looked so sad.

But the icicles looked cool. They are fun to throw like spears too. I’ve been watching too much Vikings….but god those guys (ahem, Ragnar) are HOT. I can’t wait for season 2 to become available on Roku. Anyway…

I’ve been crocheting like crazy trying to keep up with my one granny square a day but I fell behind last week. I’m also making more crochet frames to sell in my Etsy shop which has been dead for far too long. So right now the living room looks like a yarn bomb went off…a beautiful rainbow colored yarn bomb.

And if you follow me on instagram, you already saw my photo of the cutest little mushroom teaspoons from World Market, but if not, here you go! They are so cute I can’t put them in a drawer. So for now they are hanging on a curtain rod in the kitchen until I can find a more suitable place on the wall to hang them on. I’ve been guilty of finding solace in retail therapy lately.

Otherwise, we’ve been all growing tired of the coldness and ice. The snow has frozen on top so both dogs, who are 16 and 18 pounds, can walk on it without sinking in. Poor guys hate it! I put a sweater on Mabel each time she goes out to wee because she has no fur on her belly and she’s more sensitive to the cold. But Monty doesn’t seem to care. He just does his usual round of the backyard pissing on each tree and bush he comes across, all while keeping an eye out for his “best friend” Dillon to fence fight with.

Spring, please hurry!

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