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August 28, 2016

Brian left for a work trip 10 days ago and is due back late Monday night. It’s the longest he’s been away for and I’m hoping it’s the last. It was only supposed to be a week so when he told me they were adding days on I nearly cried. It’s been really hard single parenting at times and not getting that break between his getting home from work and bedtime (props to all the single mamas). And being the sole bottle washer every night suuuuuucks. After I put Lach to bed, the last thing I wanna do is stand over the sink and wash bottles and nipples but if I don’t it just means I’ll have to do it in the morning and that would be even worse.

But I kept as busy as I could these last almost 2 weeks. Last week I went on a yarn crawl, which was fun as hell and I’ll blog about tomorrow. There was a birthday party and grocery shopping and park walks and Pokemon and picking back up an old knitting project during nap times.

And just for good measure, to keep me on my toes, Lachlan learned how to crawl this week! I’ve been containing him to the family room which has been baby proofed and re-configured for his curiousness. No more yarn shoved next to the couch. DAMN! No more garbage for yarn scraps. No more dog toy basket. No more crochet or knit projects sitting on the ottoman. No more laptop cable running along the bottom of the couch. Basically anything from 0-2 feet up has been removed. It actually makes the room look tidier amongst all the scattered toys. The dogs were confused about the relocation of their toy basket for about 2 hours haha. But then he got a killer diaper rash on his skin right where the diaper would rub during crawling, so he screamed bloody murder at me with almost each diaper change yesterday. And I had no idea until it was the 4th poopy diaper change that I even saw the rash. That made me feel like a horrible mom. He’s also pulling himself up to his knees in his crib and chewing on the side rail so we will have to move the mattress down to keep his little butt in.

As much as I love the dogs, they are being such pests. And I know I’m especially feeling this way this week because I’m giving all my time and attention to Lachlan. They have to learn to either go away or tolerate his crawling over and grabbing at them. Monty hasn’t been very kind. He lifts his lip and it scares the shit out of me, it’s so disappointing. I’m always right there when this happens and I will never leave them alone in the same room even for a minute, but shit. He was so good up until now. Besides banishing the dogs to the kitchen or backyard, I don’t really know what to do. And anything I can do, I just don’t have the time or patience for right now so they are taking the back seat to my attentions. Mabel is good with him, but she makes extra work for me by bringing her disgusting germy toys down into the family room, and Lachlan will see them and instantly take off towards them so I have to race him to move them in time. I think it’s time to purge the really nasty ones.

Also, something else had been on my mind. Two weeks ago I found out that the medical practice I used to work at “dissolved.” I called my friend and coworker to understand what happened. And then I Googled and found a bunch of news stories on this. I can’t believe I missed it…. though, I actually can because the news story went on TV at 10pm and I’m usually in bed by 8…

Basically (and all of what I’m going to say can be found in the newspapers or online so I can’t be accused of libel) but the owner and main doctor/surgeon of the practice “appeared to be intoxicated and incoherent” when speaking to some patients and they complained. He was arrested and has since been charged with multiple counts of prescription fraud and taking the drugs for himself (mostly sleep medications, though why would you wanna be tired all the time? Unless they make you feel high? I have no idea). AND he “inappropriately” completed 3 SPINAL SURGERIES (like, oh, I was supposed to do surgery on your L4 but I went ahead and did L3 by accident. Yikes!) Whether he was on drugs at the time of those surgeries is something the lawyers still have yet to determine. But holy shit man! Holy shit!

Anyway, that’s all the drama from this mama for now.

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