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November 14, 2016

My little crocheted monster

It’s been a while since I just sat and wrote. I just haven’t been feeling it or I’ve been occupied with other things. Let’s see, two weeks ago Brian got 2 of his wisdom teeth removed. It was a surprisingly fast procedure. I went along because I had to drive him back since he was knocked out and couldn’t drive afterwards. But I didn’t even have to crack open the new puzzle I brought Lachlan for whenever he started to get bored. That’s how fast it was. He recovered well.

Lachlan is in the middle of a growth spurt so he’s been waking up in the middle of the night to eat. It’s not such a big deal, but it just amazes me how accurate that Wonder Weeks app is. Oh, and Lachlan climbed out of his crib one morning. When I went to get him in the morning, I couldn’t open his bedroom door because he was sitting right behind it playing with his coin bank. Yea, so we lowered the mattress to the very lowest setting. I think it’s a baby right of passage to do that! Thankfully he didn’t hurt himself on the way down.

The election….shit. I just don’t have it in me. I can’t even look at his face without having a visceral reaction. I’ve been pretty open on Instagram and sometimes Facebook that I hate Trump and #Imwithher, not that she’s perfect by any means, but she didn’t scare me like Trump does. Last week I felt sick, disgusted, scared, and like I was in mourning for the progress our country is about to regress on. I really believed he wouldn’t win. I feel like I’m in an episode of Black Mirror, the one where the cartoon bear became president. It’s just shocking. And I really had no idea how divided the country was. It was eye opening and it really made me miss Bernie lol.

So Lachlan’s birthday is tomorrow and his party is on Saturday! His grandparents are coming out soon so I’m excited to see them and do fun things. I think we have enough things for the kids to do at his party and I’m hoping it is at least sunny out so we can take some games outside. Last year it was snowing. For the kids, I got a ball pit, rub on tattoos, bubbles, and bouncy balls to play with. And I made a ‘pin the propeller on the plane’ game. And my mom is going to help me make airplane lollipops with a candy mold. I still can’t believe it’s been a year. It goes insanely fast, that’s part of the reason why I chose airplanes for his birthday theme because times flies.

Oh, and we’ve been really enjoying Home Chef! I think I’d like to try another meal service to compare, but it’s just so easy and convenient to have.

Other than that, I’m excited for the holidays. I find that the older I get, the more I actually enjoy seeing Christmas things early. I’m one of those people haha! I still won’t decorate till after Thanksgiving, but I don’t get as annoyed at seeing Christmas decor and things for sale right after Halloween.

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