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January 17, 2017

Hiiii! It’s been a while, let’s see…


Lachlan started walking this week, at 14 months and 1 day. I was wondering for so long when he’d start! Almost all the kids near his age, and some even younger in his My Gym class are walking but he wasn’t showing any interest. If I held him up on his legs, he’d bend them or lift them up and sit down immediately. It was like a standing protest. But then last week he started standing for a few seconds, making me do a double take, like, did you just stand or was I seeing things? Then I’d see him do it for 5 seconds, then 10 seconds, but never long enough for me to get my camera out. And he would walk a few steps when he was angry enough at me for not giving him milk RIGHTTHISSECOND, that he’d walk from the ottoman to the chair to get to me. But last night was when he did it totally on his own and was pretty happy with himself. I was trying to imagine what it must be like to have never used your legs to walk before, how the heck it must feel.

Fit Girls Guide

I’m down 3 pounds since starting Fit Girls on the 2nd. I admit I’m NOT following closely at all to the required meals and exercise. But I’m basically not eating any junk food except some peanut butter and dark chocolate chips when I need it. And I’m keeping my meals reasonable, especially breakfast and lunch. But by dinner, I’m hangry so I will still eat healthy, but I eat until I’m full.

And as for exercise, in addition to the Fit Girls moves they have you do each day, I’ve been alternating walking and running until I get to 1 mile (I can’t run more than 2 mins straight without suffocating). I know it’s not a lot, but to me it’s killer since it’s been nearly 3 years since I did any exercise, with all the IVF, then pregnancy, then newborn and pumping. On some days when it’s warm out, it’s easy to get 2 miles in while pushing the stroller around, but I don’t run. I don’t want people to laugh at me. BUT, in conclusion, this program has opened my eyes to how healthy foods can be tasty too, and it gave me a baseline of what I should be striving for, calories/meal wise. It feels good to see a small, yet noticeable difference in my belly.


I’ve been watching Captive and Lock Up on Netflix. And *cringe* Make It Or Break It on Freeform. I had to stop watching though because the scheming is out of control on that show! It gets me riled up, like mind your own business. Do you not have a life of your own that you have to inject your issues into someone else’s? LOL! I also hate taking 30 minutes to pick something to watch so I’ll let FX stream. I like to hate watch The Bachelor. And I’m dying for the return of The Walking Dead next month. Darryl <3


I’m reading The Couple Next Door. Can’t say I love it yet, but I have a feeling the ending will be what either makes or breaks it for me. It could go either way.


I’m getting my ideas down on paper for things I want to sell in my shop, Wooldebeest. So far I have some newborn mermaid tails and I want to make rattles and hats too. It’s just hard because I feel like it will take AGES to get anything done because of only having 1 nap time to do it in. Ahh well.

I have been doing a few custom orders too, little bunnies and baby booties you may have seen on my Instagram.

I’m also doing Aroha Knits 5 shawl 5 day challenge, which starts tomorrow if you want to sign up! They’re not full sized shawls, but small sample sizes to learn the construction of different shawl shapes. It looks fun and there’s prizes, oooooh!

And I made a p*ssyhat for my friend who’s walking in the DC women’s march on Sunday. I hope it gets there in time!


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