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October 12, 2017

It’s been over a week since I last posted. This is totally not like me, at least I’d like to post more frequently than that, but I only have so much time in the day. I guess I just haven’t been feeling it lately. I’m always playing with the idea of closing my blog, but then I always think about how I would eventually start a new one up just because I need it as an outlet. I’ve been keeping busy though. With Fall, comes a lot of planning for holidays and birthdays, so I’ve been getting our Halloween costumes finished.

We’re doing a family costume theme of Wizard of Oz. I’m going eat this up for as long as I can before Lachlan knows he has a say and says NO. I’m going to be Scarecrow, Brian’s going to be Tin Man and Lachlan is going to be Lion. Me and Brian’s costumes are really super easy. I painted a red heart on a grey sweatshirt for Brian, and bought him a cheap Tin Man hat from Amazon. I crocheted myself a scarecrow hat and got some straw accessories to tie on. But Lachlan’s costume is so cute. It’s a super soft and warm zip up hooded lion costume. I plan on taking photos of him in it soon when he’s in a good mood. And I’m trying to get him to say “Trick or Treat!” but he just looks at me smiling.

We had family photos done last weekend. At first the day was pushed back due to wind, so we rescheduled for the next day in the morning. Lachlan had been grumpy and not eating these last few days. I think he’s getting/gotten his 2nd molars in, so I was hoping morning would be the best time for him. I gave him Tylenol and brought lots of snacks. We got there and almost as soon as the photographer showed up, he was non stop whining. It was really a challenge to get any shots of him facing the camera without him crying or flailing to get away. Our photographer was really nice, but she brought her own 3 year old son and he was probably in like half the shots. Yea, Lachlan followed him around and it got him to do things he wouldn’t think to do on his own because the little boy was doing them, but it was just really frustrating overall and I kind of gave up after 20 minutes in to our hour shoot. I still have yet to see how they came out. But I’m hoping for at least one or two shots to put on our Christmas card. I just kept thinking how glad I was that I only paid $50 for this nightmare photo shoot! If I had paid $300 like some other photographers charge (which, sorry that will never be in our budget) that would’ve just added insult to injury.

What else…I’ve been starting to plan Lachlan’s 2nd birthday party. We’re doing a Taco Twosday theme so I’ve been having fun searching for food and decorations. We’re definitely going to have a piΓ±ata but I don’t know what else do get for the kids to do yet. We were thinking of maybe renting a giant playhouse or plinko board. I’m going to make cupcakes instead of doing a cake mainly so I can put these funny cutout cupcake toppers in them of Lachlan’s face wearing a sombrero. My parents booked their tickets to fly out so I’m excited about that.

We’re going to give him a play kitchen for his birthday. Right now, he’s pretending to cook on his tool bench and I can’t help but think this is going to create some sort of weird confusion. We found one on a local garage sale page, a really nice wooden Kidkraft kitchen for a great price with all the food and pots they had for it. I was first to say “interested” so I had first dibs. I always get anxiety when it comes to communicating with the sellers and picking things up though. What if it’s broken or I don’t like it and they held it for me with 40 other people badgering them about it shouting “next in line” for nothing? Are they gonna be mad at me? Am I gonna feel guilty and buy it anyway? It’s all so stupid, but basically my anxiety wasn’t for naught. Because when we went to pick it up, it wouldn’t fit in the back of Brian’s Jeep. It was too big by like 1 inch. We tried multiple ways but we’d have to come back with our friend’s truck. The sellers were nice though and offered to put in in their car to drive to our house. I felt so terrible intruding on their evening plans like that. Their kids were out and they were going to go out to dinner. Gah! I felt terrible.

Also, I’ve been crocheting a lot of unicorns lately! I’ve had quite a few custom requests come in for them so I haven’t been making anything else. But that’s fine because I really like making them. Sometimes I won’t re-do a pattern more than once because it was either too time consuming or too tedious, but these unicorns are so cute. So if you’d like one, definitely hit me up!

We had snow this last Monday. I loved every minute of it. I baked cookies and made chili. Bundled Lachlan up to go outside in it. But since none of the trees have lost their leaves yet, the weight of the snow did some damage to more of our trees. This is such a common occurrence around here. But the snow is already gone as I write this (Wednesday), and its back to high 60s, low 70s. It’s definitely gorgeous weather.

So yea, that’s basically what’s been going on here lately.

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