Life Lately and Stuff – Approaching 30 weeks!

August 30, 2015

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I felt like sitting and writing. Is anyone else just totally over summer and ready for the fall? I am dying to put up fall decorations but I’m going to wait till after Labor day.

I’ve been busy and a bit stressed lately. As you know my baby shower was last weekend which was lots of fun. My mom and sister left last week. However, I failed my one hour glucose test, which is where they test you for gestational diabetes. I failed by 7 points so I had to go back and take the 3 hour glucose test to know for sure if I have it or not. And I’m still waiting on the results. Must not be that urgent then if it’s taking them at least 5 days to get back to me? Either way, with 30 weeks approaching, my appointments are now every 2 weeks apart so that makes my anxiety a bit better in between appointments. And if I do have GD, it’s only ten more weeks of controlling my diet. But most women who fail the 1 hour test, pass the 3 hour. I’m hoping I’m one of them!

I will do anything I have to to make sure baby D gets here safely (and no, I still haven’t signed off on a baby name yet, stress much?!), but in my opinion, I think the glucose test is the most stressful test they make pregnant women take. You have to fast for 12 hours, they take a sample of your fasting blood, then the give you this disgusting sugar drink which you have to pound down in 5 minutes, and you get your blood drawn once an hour for 3 hours. I brought crochet and thank you notes to write while I was in the office, but I felt so sick during the first hour I basically just laid in a ball on a comfy chair. The phlebotomist came to check on me and was so nice. She must see this all the time. Thankfully, they put me in a private room to be alone. But I was so nauseous I swore I was gonna up chuck after the first hour, but I did my best to fight it. If I puked, I’d have to go back and do it all over again. So that was motivation enough to keep it in.

If I do fail, it’s more daily needles for checking my blood sugar levels 4 times a day and having a limited diet, which is going to be a real challenge for me, so I’m really worried. I feel like crap a lot of the time after I eat so as of right now, I’m confident I failed and am trying to eat like I have diabetes until proven otherwise by cutting out sweets and limiting carbs. But who knows. I just wish my office would’ve called me sooner so I can stop worrying if something’s wrong with me.

Edit 8/31: I PASSED.

Brian got a new car. His Subaru died and woulda cost more to fix it than it’s worth so he sold it and got a used Jeep Liberty. I like being higher up on the road and hopefully it will make me feel safer when drivers decide to tailgate. It’s really rigid though so hitting bumps makes my bump ache lol.

My friend had her baby on Monday and he’s just the cutest little guy. I was watching her older son while they were in the hospital and a few hours after he was born, I got to bring him to the hospital to meet his new little brother and I was the first to hold him! I felt so special haha! Man, if I thought I had baby fever before, it’s through the roof now. Seeing his tiny little features and his rooting….oh my god. And she had the baby in the same hospital I’ll be at so I got to see what the recovery wing looks like, however I’ll still be taking a tour with my childbirth class.

And speaking of, we are about to dive into our childbirth classes. We already took a Baby Safe class last week which covered car seats, SIDS, CPR, and all that. And now we’ll be doing 4 more classes on childbirth, relaxation, pain management, and postpartum care, etc. And the last class is for breastfeeding and infant care. Hopefully we’ll feel more prepared as neither of us have ever really held a baby besides our own little siblings and nieces when they were born. And I need to watch some YouTube videos on how to use my ergo carrier and moby wrap. Of course there’a class for that but I’m sick of spending the money. I took the ergo out of the box and it took me about 20 minutes to figure out the instructions. It’s like, how many clips, buttons, and straps can a product have before you just go ahhh fuck it?!

Oh, and I’m excited to start a new mini blog series next week (or the week after, I haven’t decided yet) where I share interviews with couples who have gone through fertility treatments and are open to sharing their stories.

Anyway, that’s pretty much everything lately. It’s just baby on the brain and taking it easy, trying not to puke and wet my pants. 73 days till my due date!

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