Brian takes a tumble and Lachlan goes swimming

May 26, 2016

This week Brian took a face dive into a deep hole in the sidewalk while riding his bike. He didn’t want to cross the 4 lane highway to reach the bike lane since people drive like maniacs, so he stayed on the sidewalk so he could cross at the crosswalk near the next traffic light. And he almost made it, as you can see from the picture. The hole was around a manhole and came out of nowhere. His wheel went in, he flew over the handlebars and scraped his face up pretty bad. He came home with the help of a couple in a pickup truck who witnessed the entire thing. The woman happened to be a nurse. I heard the door slam downstairs and it scared the crap out of me because I wasn’t expecting him home so soon. And as soon as I saw his bloody face I freaked the hell out that we should go to the ER but besides the scrapes, he was ok. He miraculously didn’t break any teeth or his jaw. He had his helmet and gloves on. But gees, there wasn’t even a sign or a cone or anything to warn people of this huge gaping hole that can be seen from Google Earth, by the way. What if someone in a wheelchair or a little kid on a scooter rolled into it? He said it was just like what happened to Andy in 40 Year Old Virgin. Not funny!

Lachlan had his 6 month shots last Thursday and up until Monday he was a super sad grump. At first I assumed it was a reaction from his shots, but when the 4th day came and went I figured it’s probably something else. He woke up the day after with a runny nose so I assumed he may have had an earache because cold=earache in kids. Or it could’ve been some new teeth but I didn’t see or feel anything new in there. Then on Tuesday (is it bad I waited so long because I didn’t want him to have to take more antibiotics?), when I was going to call the doctor and take him in, he woke up his happy self and stayed that way for most of the day so I really don’t know what happened. It was just really upsetting to me to see him holler and squeeze his eyes shut and turn red and not have any idea what was wrong. And I’m a pretty damn good charades guesser. When he’s like this, it’s impossible for him to play or do anything on his own for more than 2 minutes without needing me so I was exhausted. Brian put him in the Ergo and he seemed to cheer up for a little while.

On Sunday took Lachlan to an indoor pool at one of the rec centers in our neighborhood which was so fun (for us adults, at least). They have an indoor heated zero entry pool, which is just perfect for babies! We dipped his toes in and he was like, nooooo thanks! And started crying but eventually he tolerated it. But this was also a few days after his shots so he may just not have been feeling great. Brian took him a little deeper so he could move his body around and he had this little serious face on the whole time.

And finally I’ve been playing around with making my own crochet patterns for things and I came up with this crown. It’s ridiculous and I won’t let him wear it out of the house because it may imply I’m raising a spoiled brat, but I think they are pretty cute and would make great photo props for newborns. So I’m working on getting some patterns written up. I have so many ideas for things I want to create but just never have the time or motivation. And I have a closet full of my crochet projects that I’d love to sell but just don’t have it in me to write up listings that will most likely be ignored in the already over saturated market on Etsy. What’s a crafter to doooo?!

And sorry for the crappy quality photos. My phone camera sucks. Which reminds me …. yes, I’m sad about the new Instagram logo. I purposefully haven’t updated the app on my phone so I can keep the old icon but it’s updated on my tablet and I hate it.

Oh, and two more things…

Me watching Game of Thrones this week

Me watching Outlander this week

It’s been a rough week!

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