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February 12, 2018

So we’re purging and packing and Friday will be here before we know it!

Friday is our closing date as well as the day the movers come to load up our stuff, so let’s hope this all goes as smoothly as possible! It makes me nervous with the close scheduling of everything, but we only have one week from closing to get our carpets replaced and cabinets painted before we list our house, so we need to do shit fast!

Over the last two weeks or so I’ve been packing one or two boxes during Lachlan’s nap time. At this point, with less than 5 days left till moving day, all we have left to pack is our kitchen pans, Lachlan’s room, clothes, and toys (which there are way too many of sheesh!), a few of my clothes, Brian’s clothes, and our bathroom stuff. Everything else is packed and in the garage ready to go.

I find that because we’ve moved so many times over the last ten years, we really don’t have that much junk accumulated. Because with every move, we toss stuff we no longer want, need, or outgrew.

This time I tossed all but 5 books, clothes that no longer fit yet again, shoes I’ve had for years but haven’t worn for whatever reason, socks I hate wearing. It’s funny to see how much my taste in things has changed over the years. Like for instance, with the books I must have read every single Charlaine Harris book. I was obsessed! So Sookie Stackhouse, Harper Connelly, and Aurora Teagarden. But I have zero desire to have those books in our new home, I don’t want to put them anywhere where they’ll be seen, and I know I’ll never read them again. So outside to the curb they went. As well as a bunch more that I forgot I even had. So why have them taking up space collecting dust? Yea I could’ve donated them to the library but honestly, when would I ever have time to take three heavy boxes there with a toddler in tow? Sorry, not me. When we get in these purging moods, the last thing we want to do is hang onto something or set it aside to sell or donate. I want it gone and I want it gone now lol!

I did however, sell some of my craft supplies. I sold some rather expensive fabric which I used to make hideous drapes in our room, I sold some yarn that I never liked because I don’t tend to use DK weight, and some vintage planters. But that’s it. I tried selling some other crap on our local facebook garage sale site, but who wants crap? So in the trash it goes.

We also got rid of my old heavy rusty bike, a mattress (which was actually in good shape but a mouse pooped on it while it was stored in the garage and I Googled about it and got scared about Hantavirus so eww), and an armchair that the dogs destroyed with their fur and stinky butts but someone picked it up off our curb so we didn’t have to pay the garbage company to take it.

But once we’re in the new house, I have SO many baby clothes to wash and sort for baby boy coming. We have zero girl clothes but obviously she can wear some of her big brothers clothes too. I just have a lot of sorting and organizing and setting up to do. We haven’t done anything for the twins yet as we wanted to wait until we were in the new house to buy the larger things so we didn’t have to move them with us. I also want to paint Lachlan’s room the same colors as he had in this house, and paint the nursery white. I have a theme idea I wanna do for their gender neutral nursery.

So that brings me up to date for the most part on moving.

As for the twins, I had my 20 week anatomy scan on Friday and they are both looking good, even measuring a few days ahead, which was a relief because I really thought I wasn’t eating enough from always feeling sick. But nothing of concern showed up in the ultrasound so we were greatly relieved. It took about an hour and a half to get measurements of all the body parts on both of them, so it was long and by the end my hips were killing me, but it was so cool to see them interacting in there! And we got lots of cute pictures.

So baby A is the girl and she’s closest to the exit. She’s super low, head down and was really cute showing off and yawning and sticking her bum in her brothers face. Like right in his face! They are separated by a membrane as they are in their own sacs, but that didn’t make a difference, her bum was still like resting right on his face lol! And baby B then is the boy and he’s super high, like right under my left boob. No wonder I can’t eat without wanting to puke after. So he’s head up and basically gets to kick his sister in the face. They are kinda like in a yin yang position I guess: head to toe, head to toe. And his profile looks just like Lachlan’s did.

I like knowing where each of them are lying because now when I get kicked I have a pretty good idea of who did it!

My next appointment is in 4 weeks, and the appointment after that a few days later is the glucose test. With twins I get to do it sooner (yay). Because I told the doctor I failed the one hour with Lachlan but passed the three hour, he’s letting me skip right to the three hour test, which I didn’t know you could do but I really appreciate it. That’s one less time I have to drink that cruddy drink, one less day I have to be super anxious, one less drive I have to make to the office (in the event I failed the one hour anyway). So that will be at 24 weeks. And then we talked all about c-sections and their protocols and stuff.

I’m really not leaning either way on how I wish to deliver at this point. For one, I had such an long, awful, and traumatic vaginal birth with Lachlan that I’d love to avoid that if possible. But then again, I was up and walking around as soon as I came out of my shock and felt relatively good. But then again, second labors tend to go quicker than the first…even with twins I made sure to ask that. But it all depends on how baby A is lying. If she’s head down, I can choose either way. And then just hope baby B rotates himself head down (or be rotated by a doc) or pulled out breech fairly soon after A comes out before my cervix starts closing up.

But if she’s breech it’s an automatic c-section. I would rather the c-section be planned than have to rush in for an emergency section. Or even worse (this is my worst fear) deliver one vaginally and the other one via c-section. Uh NO THANKS. So yea, I really don’t know what I want to do. I don’t want abdominal surgery…I don’t want long awful labor where something risky can happen to anyone. Can’t I just wish them out or a stork drop them both softly down into my arms from a soft fluffy white cloud?

Then I get to go every 2 weeks after that appointment, which sounds exhausting. And once I get to 30-something weeks I go every week. Full term for twins is 36 (or 37?) weeks. But the doc sounded confident that not many babies who make it to 36 weeks even need a NICU stay. I didn’t know that, I thought it was automatic, but obviously it’s all on an individual case by case basis.

I wish I could peek into the future for like 1 minute so I could choose wisely, like my very own Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story.

And so that brings me up to date with baby stuff.

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