Life Lately: stomach bugs, Cheerios, and baby sign

February 13, 2017

Hours after I took this picture on a record-breakingly warm day, Brian came down with a nasty stomach bug and I’m hoping so hard that Lachlan nor I catch it. If it was Norovirus, I’m pretty sure we would have it by now, so hopefully it was only a 48 hour bug. He’s doing much better today thankfully. Of course we actually had plans for this weekend for once. We had purchased tickets to finally see the Star Wars costume exhibit after more than a year of wanting to go, so we called the museum and asked to push it back a week. I laugh because it just figures. And we made plans for Valentine’s dinner on Sunday with a sitter but that will also be pushed back a week. So we ended up going to the mall for 40 minutes before it closed to walk around just to get out of the house, and we went to Babies R Us to trade in our old car seat so we could get a new one at 25% off.

Another thing…I recently discovered the silencing power of Cheerios. Lachlan’s “baby shelf-life” has increasingly become shorter and shorter, so this means after an hour give or take of being in his stroller, or if he’s in his car seat and the car is stopped, he starts yelling madly to GTFO.  But, hark! A bowl or cup holder full of Cheerios allows him lay back and relax while stuffing his face full of Cheerios. So many, I in fact Googled something like, “can my kid eat too many Cheerios?” As soon as he sees the bowl his face lights up in a smile. So now I won’t leave the house with at least 2 bowls full.

A few weeks ago I gave up on baby signing. It was hard to do while feeding him with my hands occupied with a spoon full of food to sign “more.” Plus, I didn’t really think he was paying attention. I wasn’t 100% into it either, I would half-ass do it whenever I remembered. But somehow out of nowhere, Lachlan signed “more” after he finished his bowl of oranges yesterday. And he did it again when the next bowl was empty too. And he did it again the day before but I blew it off as a coincidence but now looking back, he certainly signed more. It looks more like “again” but I didn’t teach him “again” so I know he means “more.” So proud of him!

Other than that, I bought another pair of Lularoe leggings and some long tunic shirts from Target. As much as I love the look of the Lularoe Classic Tee’s, I cannot for the life of me justify spending $35 on a tee-shirt. No way! My cap is $25. Maybe if I can find one used online somewhere or if there’s ever a discount I can get my hands on, then sure I’m all about it. Never say never though, right?

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