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September 17, 2017

Hey guys. It’s been a while since I just sat and wrote. I always say that too for these kinds of posts. But I do miss it. And I feel like it’s harder for me to write as well as I used to. I guess if you don’t use it, you lose it…or at least I feel like I’m losing it…haha see what I did there? The words don’t come as smoothly and I’m always starting and stopping, then starting and stopping. My brain feels so scattered!

Anyway, let’s see…

It’s freakin fall!! I don’t care how cliche it is to write about, but I hate being hot and smelling of failed deodorant. The fall makes me happy, clouds and cool weather and rain and snow make me happy. At least in Colorado when it snows, the sun is back in a day or two, otherwise I’d probably have seasonal depression. But this is besides the point. I was actually chilly today and I was so freakin happy. I got to wear my cargo jacket, jeans and sneakers. BOOM.

Lachlan is 22 months old and is basically running everywhere now. It’s so cute to see. He keeps his arms out to the side for balance and throws his legs out in front of him but they kind of go out to the sides too because it’s still new for him. Cutest thing to see! Anyway, I signed him back up for MyGym class. On the second week of class, I totally forgot to even go. Just, like, ghosted. I was sitting at home outside in my yoga pants when I looked at the clock and was like, gee, it’s 11 and apparently Wednesday, not Tuesday like I thought, and class is over. We missed it! That never happens! I’m always early to everything so I felt bad about missing class without even a call to them. For the record, that Monday was labor day so I was all thrown off on what day it was anyway. Big deal, just stupid.

Yesterday we went to Touch-A-Truck where all sorts of trucks and emergency vehicles, even helicopters were, so the kids could go inside and check them out. When we first got there, Lachlan was just not having any of it. I don’t know if it was the horns, though they didn’t start going off until we were there for 20 minutes or so. But he clinged to Brian and didn’t want to go inside any of the trucks. I really thought he’s be so excited for this since he’s always saying “GUK! GUK!” and pointing to trucks whenever he sees them on the road. After a while though, he warmed up and was walking all around (zig zagging left and right), touching them (tripping people), but still didn’t want to go inside. Maybe next year. On our way out, we saw a tent with free wooden trucks they were giving out to the kids, and they were really nice. Lachlan had his hands on two. You know where this is going. When we told him to only take one he threw himself to the ground and screamed like a spoiled brat. We left after that. Fun times!

Lachlan’s been a challenge lately. Obviously, the terrible twos have arrived early. I’m having a hard time with discipline and figuring out what works for us. Lately he’s been throwing things at the dogs (and us), trying to hit the dogs (and us). So I tried doing timeouts in the corner, but he thought it was the funniest thing ever. So then I tried ignoring him, but he will just keep doing what he’s doing until he’s redirected.

But he figured out a little trick…a trick that gets me to calm down and laugh. What is it you ask? Well, after he does something bad and I tell him no, HE KISSES ME! First they’re sour, then they’re sweet, right? Gees what a smart little turd!

Some days are hard, but for the most part he’s been good. I just need to find a way that works for me to get my point across to him. I know he knows what I’m saying. He can identify 12 body parts, most of his toys, gives goodnight kisses when we ask. But he still isn’t communicating with words. He’s certainly gained a lot more words over the months, but nothing that can actually tell me what he needs (besides milk and “googies” of course). Lots of people tell us once their kid turned two, the words just came pouring in so I’m hoping that will be the case for us! I’m looking forward to understanding what’s bothering him so I can fix it and cut out a bunch of whining and yelling.

I’ve been crocheting and knitting nonstop. I’ve finally reached a point where I can’t not be making something. So I’ve been making baby blankets for a few moms-to-be, and I’ve been making toys for my nieces for Christmas. I’m also working on finishing Lachlan’s sweater so maybe he can wear it in our Fall photos we have booked. And I already have socks on deck. That’s the next thing I want to tackle and get good at. I like the idea of socks because they typically use only one skein, are small and portable, and are actually functional and won’t sit in a pile in the closet somewhere.

Speaking of piles, remember when I started up my new Etsy shop, Wooldebeest? LOL! Why do I even bother? I sold one thing and then my listings expired and I never renewed so all the merchandise is sitting in my closet taking up space. Everyone always tells me that I should sell my stuff, but yet here I am not able to sell any of it. It could be my pricing, but I think my prices are fair (for crochet, especially since it’s faster to work up than knitting). I will never sell any of my knit things. The yarn (good yarn) is too expensive and the time it takes to make something is insane. I would end up charging $500 for a blanket or something which is obviously not a thing. So for now, I’ll stick to making gifts.

Something that’s not so great…we took my car in for an oil change, and were told I needed new struts. Ok, fine we knew that last time it was checked out. Only when they brought the car down and drove it back to the parking lot, they BROKE my bearings because someone forgot to screw my tires on (sorry I don’t know how cars work so I don’t know the right words, this is why WE take my car in so I don’t get ripped off being a woman who doesn’t know cars). They called us to tell us what happened, which we were actually surprised at their honesty because they could’ve easily just not told us at all and just fixed it anyway, and they said they will fix what they broke for free. Well obvs, because we certainly aren’t paying for it to be fixed. But I couldn’t help but feel really sad and upset over my poor car! I was surprised at how this made me realize how emotionally attached I am to it. This is the one vehicle that hasn’t gotten into an accident yet. I’m also worried about safety issues now because me and Lachlan are in that car almost every day of the week. So I worry about the car just shitting out on the highway and getting killed by a tailgating road rager. But Brian told me he will make sure they do a whole new inspection before we bring it home next week. So yea, that was upsetting.

Oh, one more thing before I go. We saw IT! And oh my god it’s really good! Like, not just scary but funny too. I won’t spoil anything. But I want to go and see it again. I really loved it. I had just finished reading the book so it was all fresh in my head and the movie didn’t disappoint. We saw it at The Alamo theater, which also has dining, so I almost puked up what I ate during one scene. I mean that as a compliment to the movie. Plus, the staff gets really into the movies they play there too, so there were a few actors hiding in the hallway to the theater that scared the ever loving shit out of me. A little kid dressed as Georgie and then at the end of the hall, in the dark was a clown on stilts! As we walked by he didn’t scare us because he was posing for a picture with someone else, but every other person coming into the theater would scream and the audience would laugh. It was cool.

Otherwise, that’s all that’s been going on lately…hiding from the heat, keeping Lachlan busy, crocheting/knitting, getting ready for fall and Halloween!

How are you guys? Tell me something that’s going on with you!

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