Life List

March 2, 2013

This is a huge list of goals I hope to accomplish at some point in my life. Some are in progress and some are already done.

Move out of California and back to the east coast – Done
Buy a house – Done
Mow the lawn because that’s what homeowners do – Done (weed whacking, at least)
Get (or begin to work on obtaining) my national mammography license
Get an xray job with somewhat normal hours
Host a holiday party at our place – Done

Read at least 30 books a year – Done
Get a wedding album done
Start a workout program  Will never be completely done
Build a chicken coop and raise some chickens
Grow a veggie garden
Visit Ireland/Spain/France/Germany/England/Egypt/Greece
Get a tattoo with my sister
Go camping
Buy a kayak
Buy a bike that I like (IE: not a mountain bike)
Ride a segway
Go to a movie by myself
Grow my movie poster collection
Get a pool table
Get a chameleon
Make a (wo)man cave
Meet a blog friend in person
Attend a workshop to learn something
See a ballet or Broadway show
Renew our vows
Revisit where we got married
Go to Cape May for vacation – Done
Go to Atlantic City for vacation
Try eyebrow waxing
Get back into crafting/sewing projects – Done and doing!
Go fishing
Get a gun permit
Have a dog that can be trained to be a therapy dog
Volunteer at an animal shelter – Done
Get in shape/exercise more – Doing
Buy stocks
Move my blog to WordPress – Done

Buy a Piper & Paisley hat
Improve liquid eyeliner skills
Collect my favorite Disney movies
Pay it forward to an unsuspecting individual
Zip line
Make the decision about having kids – Done
Donate my hair
Rescue a greyhound
Rescue an older dog
Make a fun lawn display for Christmas
Take a hot air balloon ride
See a glacier
Build a fort
Go water tubing – Done
Catch fireflies in a jar
See The Northern Lights
Visit the Museum of Modern Art
Visit the White House
Be a tourist in my own town – Currently doing
Fly a kite
Taste raw honey
Read 300 books
Use a personal shopper – Done
Eat a macaroon to see what’s the deal
Take a shot of alcohol (never done it before!)
Throw a surprise party
Find an old pair of point shoes and bust a move – Done
Smoke once from a tobacco smoking pipe (and not weed)
Paint a house
Build a piece of furniture (Ikea doesn’t count)
Weave a basket

To be continued…

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