Loft Office Reveal

November 12, 2014

I’ve been meaning to share pics of our house much sooner than now but I’ve finally gotten around to finishing our loft office 2 weekends ago. I had no reason other than pure laziness!

Anyway, the entire house was tan when we moved in. And with our 13 foot ceilings, we felt safer hiring a professional to paint above the door line since it was too scary to climb a ladder with a jug of paint, and even then I still could not reach the top. So he did the living room and kitchen from the door tops up, and I did everything else myself to save some $$. After he was done, we left the top hallway/loft office area alone for weeks because frankly I was sick of painting. But one weekend, the inspiration struck to just get it done so I jumped on it.

The office is a small area in a little alcove off our upper hallway and the previous owners left the desk here at our request since it fit perfectly. But because of the tiny space, storage was key because things could look cluttered real quick. We bought this cube storage system from Home Depot. It’s by Martha Stewart.

As soon as we finished painting, we realized how awesome the recessed lighting looks on the grey walls. It almost has a gallery feel to it. When the walls were tan, you couldn’t see those cool light lines the lights cast against the paint. But now it looks pretty sweet. I love being up there now. So does Mr. Owl.

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