Lucky Number 7 Months

June 16, 2016

This month, lucky number 7, has been a pleasant surprise as far as sleep goes. I’d say it was a breakthrough. The breakthrough so many people tell you to wait for when you are only a few weeks into this new crazy new life with bags under your eyes and an IV of caffeine in your arm when they’d say, “it gets better” referring to the sleep thing. Well, it’s gotten better. We woke up a handful of mornings asking each other, did he wake up? Did you hear him? Only to answer, no. He will still wake up anywhere between 5-7am to talk and sing though, so those 5am wakeups suck especially since he doesn’t really want anything, yet here we are awake. So I feel guilty muting the monitor until his sounds become more agitated and urgent, but I’ll gladly take it for a full night’s sleep. I feel very lucky to have a kid that digs sleep almost as much as we do. When he’s old enough to get out of his own bed though, that’s gonna be a whole new ballgame. So for now, we are enjoying his immobility.

He’s still napping 2-3 times a day and it’s hard when he wants that third nap but it’s at a time of day where it’s too late for that nap, yet too early for bed. We try to push him to stay up to at least 6:30 since his bed time is usually at 7, but sometimes he just can’t make it and it’s early to bed, early to rise.

Also, I want to start officially ‘babyproofing’ the house now. He’s very close to moving on his own. At this point, I’m more afraid of him finding something small on the floor that the dogs may have brought in or that I don’t see.

This month, Lachlan:

  • Weighs 18.8 lbs and is 27.75 inches tall
  • Slept through the night a bunch of times times
  • Went in the pool for the first time. Cried but then got used to it
  • Went in the pool for the second time. Didn’t cry but didn’t smile either
  • Did not react well to the 6 month shots. Was a grumpy grump for 4 days
  • Met his new friend, Clive who is one month old
  • Is blowing raspberries
  • Won’t wear his sunglasses anymore, because he pulls them off to eat them
  • Likes to roll around on his back and grabs his toes in the air, sometimes he’ll pull off his socks
  • Is starting to want the things I’m holding, like my cell phone or the remote (what does that say about me? lol)
  • Cracks up when I do “shifty eyes” at him, like looking side to side of his face really fast
  • Got some sort of hives on his arms for a day. I have no idea what from but they went away overnight with Benadryl
  • Didn’t seem to notice when we removed the incline from his mattress and took out the rolled towels
  • Likes to roll up on his side to sleep since taking the towels out, so we no longer swaddle his arms in
  • Met Erin and Kristin, my two best friends since high school
  • When lying on his belly, he kicks and moves his arms like he’s swimming. But hasn’t figured out crawling yet
  • Sits up great, and is getting better at not tipping over to the side. Still using the Boppy for this though

Lessons learned this month:

  • I need to start running again and get better at taking vitamins. I feel like shit even though I’m finally getting good sleep again.
  • Even if covered with a blanket, I need to still put sunscreen on his legs while in the stroller outside.
  • Bumbo seats do tip over. Thankfully it was on the carpeted floor while I was 2 feet away so I caught him.

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