Mabel’s 4!

October 5, 2015

Happy birthday to my baby girl!

This little chunk of cute and crazy is 4 today. I seriously love her guts.

Some of the cute things she does that I love:

  • When I’m in the shower, she lays on the mat in front until I’m done
  • When I get out she waits for me to pick her up so I can kiss her in front of the mirror
  • If I’m crying, she sits next to/on me
  • She’s an expert frisbee catcher. Even if you think she’ll miss, she gets it.
  • It’s such a bad behavior, but she’ll tap my leg once while I’m eating breakfast to get a bite
  • When she has a ball in her mouth, she makes a muffley Wooooooooooo
  • She lets me smother her in forced snuggles while laying on her back
  • She isn’t leash reactive like her brother so we can still take her places with us
  • If I put my hand out, she will walk over and push her head into my palm
  • When she’s sleepy at night, her lips and chin turn rosey pink
  • When she’s feeling tired or lovey, she squints and blinks her eyes really fast
  • If she’s sitting next to me while I’m crocheting, she doesn’t care if the yarn gets all over her

Look how tiny she was when we first got her!!!

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