MOVING along….again. That John Denver was full of shit

February 5, 2014

After weeks of lots and lots of talks and pros/cons lists and crying and hard decisions and what-ifs, we have decided that we will be moving to Denver. Brian’s company just made it too hard to resist with all they are offering us to move and sell our new house that we JUST bought last year and moved back to the east coast to do.

However, he still took the time to interview at a few companies on the east coast to see if it was something he’d like to do, so we’d be within driving distance of our families in NY, but neither of those jobs could even begin compare to the pension he’d be loosing if he left his current company. He was, however, offered both the positions he applied to.

So here we are again, up and leaving our families once again, moving to yet another new state again and starting completely over again. I never thought something like this would happen to us. I certainly didn’t ever imagine this as we were so excited moving into this first house of ours, but as the weeks have gone by from when we first got the relocation news, I have grown more accepting of our fate and have somewhat embraced this unwanted change. It took a WHILE though.

From what people have told me, Denver isn’t completely freezing cold and full of snow all the time like I originally thought. Just a few weeks ago it was in the 60s when it was 4 here in PA. So THAT is something I am looking forward too because I am dying here this winter. I’m also looking forward to having some sort of relationships with other people. Here in PA I know no one and Brian knows a few people from his work, but in Denver there will be more people that we can hang out with who we knew from CA and who are more in our age range. There also seems like there is more to do outdoors and the views are amazing. And also, we get to go house hunting again [which I am sort of excited about but also dreading because of how hard it was for us last time…now we’ll have 300 people to compete with who chose to move to Denver too ugh] but we know for sure of things we do and don’t want in this next house. For instance there MUST be more than one zone heating. What a pain in the ass that was.

We are open to living in a small community neighborhood that has paths and parks within walking distance (there’s not much in terms of yardage out there from our online house hunt) but we are also open to buying a mountain house. If you know me even a little you know how much I hate neighbors so I’m sure you can guess which house I’d much rather prefer. But whenever we have kids, it’s going to be Brian making the treacherous drive down those windy mountain roads in the winter if we choose a mountain house. So I would hate to make him do that. But hot damn those houses are AMAZING.

We don’t have a move date yet, which sucks because all I want is for life to stop being so up in the air. But we’re guessing it’s sometime this summer. I have already began a makeshift countdown until I can quit my shitty job though. 80 working days and counting…

And fyi, the John Denver quote was from Dumb & Dumber. You can expect more D&D quotes now that we’ll be going to Colorado. 🙂

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