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June 1, 2016

I’m pretty picky when it comes to what I choose to fill my inbox with and I’m quick to delete. I usually don’t have a tolerance for newsletters that come after you buy something but didn’t sign up for, ones that don’t have pictures, or ones that are required to join for a giveaway entry. YUCK. I’m sounding like a newsletter snob, but who has time for that?

So here’s a quick list of my favorite 4 newsletters that are enjoyable, fun, and non-spammy:

  1. Book Riot
    I found Book Riot because they have a subscription box that looks awesome, but that is just part of what they do. They also have a pretty cool bookish shop and blog. As a new subscriber to their newsletter (I’ve only received two so far) I’ve already found them to be insanely informative with cool information (IE: book cover design trends, how well do YA adaptations do at the box office). You can sign up at the bottom of their website.
  2. Lucie’s List
    Lucie’s list is a “survival guide for new moms” and I can only agree. Every now and then you’ll get a newsletter tailored to your kid’s age. And it always shows up in my inbox at just the right time…like when we were about to loose our shit over getting no sleep, or when Lachlan was about to start solids. I just really appreciate the information, tips, as well as the peace of mind that came from it.
  3. Melanie Berg (aka Marilynd)
    Melanie is my knitting idol. I found her on Ravelry and immediately joined her group, followed her blog, and signed up for her newsletter. All her patterns are absolutely breathtaking, but I especially love her shawls since that’s the extent of my knitting experience at this time. And her newsletters don’t come nearly enough for me, but when they do, there’s info on a new pattern release (which sometimes come as a kit and I love kits!), discounts, and pretty pictures.
  4. Stitch Fix Influencers
    As a Stitch Fix affiliate, we get a pretty cool newsletter each month with clothing trends, top secret news, and giveaways. It’s just all really pretty.

Do you guys have any cool non-spammy newsletters that you enjoy receiving? I’d love to check them out!

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