My first weaving

September 17, 2014

I was seeing so many beautiful weavings on Instagram and Pinterest lately and I had to give it a go and make one for myself. So I grabbed one of our hundreds of moving boxes, cut a big piece of cardboard off, made little slits on the top and bottom for the warp to wrap through, taped it in place on the back, and grabbed some yarn in different thicknesses from my stash.

The beginnings looked a little something like this:

I scoured our yard to find a good stick to tie the weaving onto
and then I crocheted the hanger by chaining. And here’s the end result:

I enjoyed making it so much that I got started right away on a mini version:

Of course, just like in crochet, weaving in the ends is a bitch! I hate that part the most, but I’m so happy with the way it came out. It’s hanging in our family room.

I’d love to find myself a wooden loom with a heddle so I can easily alternate the warp strings, making it easier to weave the yarn in and out. But they aren’t cheap so I’d have to decide if this is something I can see myself doing more than a few times…which I think I would.

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