My July Stitch Fix – Those Wedges!

August 1, 2016

This is going to be my last fix for a while. Stitch Fix changed the way their affiliates earn money so now, instead of getting credit to use towards Stitch Fix, I get a check in the mail. Which is fine and all since it’s money, but that money now goes right into my bank account which inevitably pays the bills. When it was separate as just Stitch Fix credits, it was like pretend money that I couldn’t use any other way so I didn’t feel guilty placing an order. But now I do! Waaaahhh!

Here’s what I got in my July fix!

Kept: Nova Crochet Detail Tunic – $54

Returned: I can’t remember the name or price of what I returned, sorry!

Kept: Parsons Knit Top – $38

Returned, because boats.

Kept: Paloma Cork Wedge – $79

I’m gonna miss getting fixes! When my budget allows, I’ll treat myself.

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