My Thoughts On Clover Crochet Hooks

May 1, 2014

I’ve had this Clover crochet hook set and case since Christmas last year and I love them so much I thought I’d write a review on them. I’ve had a few blog readers and people on Instagram ask me how I like them because the set is a tiny bit of an investment but totally worth it in my opinion.

Tip: You can order this set with case in the US from Amazon for nearly $40 off the retail price.

I’m going to compare the Clover hooks to both Boye and Susan Bates hooks.
Please see this diagram for the anatomy of a crochet hook so you can get an idea of what part of the hook I’m describing.

Boye hooks were the first hooks I used when I learned how to crochet. The metal is shiny and the hook is a little longer at about 6 inches. Because of the material of the metal, I found my yarn sticking to the hook and squeaking which I didn’t like. The bowl and lip on a Boye hook are more shallow and blunt respectively which made it hard for me to not drop stitches when yarning over. And the point on the head wasn’t actually very pointy so I’d tend to split the yarn when going through a stitch. It’s probably all in the way I hold my yarn though so this is just a personal thing.

After being frustrated with Boye hooks, I decided to try Susan Bates hooks.

Susan Bates hooks have a metal that is a smooth matte finish which makes it really easy for the yarn to slide over and it makes a delicious swooshing noise that puts me in “the zone.” The hook length is a bit shorter than Boye hooks, at about 5.5 inches. I like this because the end of the hook fits in the palm of my hand making me feel more in control. And the hook bowl and lip are more deep and pointier than a Boye hook so I dropped stitches less. The head also has a nice point so I wouldn’t split the yarn.

I really love Susan Bates hooks but once I saw the pretty colors and vibrant case that Clover had, I knew I needed to try these out.

And not much to my surprise, I ended up loving them. They are similar to Susan Bates hooks in that the metal has a smooth matte finish which makes the yarn run smoothly over it, never catching, and the entire hook length is 5.5 inches. The contoured silicon grip is very comfortable and has a flat thumb rest. They are firm but smooth. The bowl of the Clover hooks aren’t as deep as a Susan Bates hook but the lip is a little bit longer than a Boye so I don’t drop as many stitches. And the head has a nice rounded point to it so it’s easy to poke your hook through a stitch. Crocheting with any other type of hook after using Clover hooks for 4 months feels cumbersome to me now because I’m so used to the nice thick handle. Using the smallest hook in the set is just as comfortable as using a larger hook because the handles are nice and thick so your grip doesn’t have to be as tight.

The sizes included in this Clover hook set are B (2.25 mm), C (2.75 mm), D (3.25 mm), E (3.5 mm), F (3.75 mm), G (4.0 mm), 7 (4.5 mm), H (5.0 mm), I (5.5 mm), J (6.0 mm).

So if I had to compare the two, I’d say Clover hooks are very similar to Susan Bates hooks, but better in my opinion. And it goes without saying that the handles and case they come in are completely adorable so I would absolutely recommend giving these hooks a try. You can buy individual hooks at the craft store or from sellers on Etsy to see if you like them first before investing in the complete set. They are my new favorite!

If you have a set, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

This is not a sponsored post.

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