My year in a mini infographic: 2014 in review (and goals for 2015)

December 31, 2014

Lots of things happened this year! Some were good, some sucked big time. But right now, we are in a good place. I don’t like to make new years resolutions because I always end up breaking them. So instead, here’s a few goals and things I’d like to have happen in 2015:

  • I hope to become a mom
  • I’d like to continue thinking positively even when things get scary
  • I’d like to make time to crochet and read more
  • I’d like to crochet either a pillow or blanket with a (non-religious) cross pattern like this
  • I’d like my family to come out and stay with us in Colorado for a week
  • I’d like to finish watching the Sopranos and other movie staples
  • I’d like to build a gate in our back fence and get a fire pit for our yard
  • I’d like to stop biting my nails again
  • I’d like to grow my cooking knowledge, even just a little bit
  • I’d like to visit some ghost towns
  • I’d LOVE to stay a night in the Stanley Hotel (that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining)
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