On over thinking the holidays

January 6, 2014

I am really relieved when Christmas is over. Every year I seem to forget how stressful and money-draining it is. I enjoy decorating but I feel more and more like a grinch these last few years. For 13 years Brian and I usually split up when we go home for Christmas and sleep at our own parents’ house (I’m not willing to miss out on my dad’s filet mignon and Bri’s not willing to miss out on seeing his fam). But this year I wanted to stay together for once and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed because both our families have their own dinner plans and yet each one would like both of us there. And I don’t know why they won’t just invite each other over because they all like each other, they just have their own traditions they wanna stick to. And I think it’s time we start making our own traditions, but that probably won’t happen till we have a baby. So we split up. Neither one of us are mad at each other over this, it’s just annoying not having a set plan together and not having any sort of tradition to count on. It’s all up in the air and I’m not good with that. I’m bad enough with having to make everyday decisions, let alone a super-important-family-holiday-decision-where-I-could-let-someone-down with the decision I made.

But other than that, here’s few pics from over Christmas break…

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