Our Experience with Nectar Sleep Mattress

October 25, 2017

I partnered with Nectar Sleep Mattress to bring you this review. Affiliate links are included which help support the running of habitualhomebody.com.

We had been in the market for a new mattress a few months before receiving our Nectar mattress. Our current spring mattress with a pillow-top was well over 12 years old but it was so comfortable in its heyday and we didn’t want to say goodbye. The pillow top wasn’t so pillow-y anymore so we had thrown a 2 inch memory foam pad on top which did the trick, but recently we both found we weren’t sleeping as well as we used to (and not due to kids; just more tossing, turning, and sore backs).

So when Nectar reached out, we were pretty excited to try it out. Nectar mattresses are one of those new super affordable memory foam mattresses that are shipped vacuum-sealed right to your home. A few selling points I thought were worth mentioning before I dive in are as follows:

  • Nectar is made in the USA
  • They give you 365 days to decide if you want to keep your mattress!
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Super affordability due to the middleman being cut out.
  • Nectar’s mattress is semi-firm to firm
  • Includes a special breathable removable cover (by zipper), perfect for washing.
    • Pillows have this too!
  • They guarantee the construction and materials of every mattress for the FULL LIFE of use of the mattress by the original owner.
  • The foam layers include a 1-inch 4lb semi-open fast-recovery gel memory foam, a 3-inch 3.5lb memory foam with a medical grade cooling and recovery levels, and finally a 2.2lb high density base foam.
  • They offer financing
  • Nectar mattresses work with all bed types (box spring, divan bases, traditional bases, adjustable bases, and platform/floor bases)

Check out all the layers inside Nectar’s mattresses:

So now that you know how awesome Nectar’s features and customer service are, let me show you our unboxing video of our queen sized mattress and two standard pillows!

First impressions upon opening our Nectar Sleep Mattress (and two pillows):

  • It inflated fairly quickly! We slept on it that first night of opening, but I think by the second night, it was fully inflated.
  • A “this side up” label would’ve been helpful so we didn’t have to flip the mattress over after it was already inflated. As you can see in our video, the pillows were located on the bottom side of the mattress while everything was still all neatly compressed, so we had to open the plastic wrap to get them out first, but before we could flip the mattress right side up, it was fairly inflated.
  • There was an off-gassing odor that lasted a few days, but it is not dangerous. It’s just due to being vacuum- sealed.
  • The top protective layer of the mattress has a zipper running around the entire perimeter (as well as each pillow) making it easy for removing for washing. I really appreciate this!

I’ll admit, the first night in our new mattress took a little adjusting to. I think just because we were so used to our old mattress for 12 years that it took a little time to get used to this cool new sleeping technology….like how sleeping in a hotel that first night feels a little off, ya know? The second night and nights thereafter were much better.

I am a stomach/side sleeper and was super comfortable on my side and back. I felt really supported in my hips and shoulders. Bonus, while being the big spoon, my arm didn’t go numb!

I have to say, I personally wasn’t a fan of the pillows. They are of amazing quality just like the mattress, but I like to be able to fold my pillow and Nectar’s pillows are thick, heavy, and dense with memory foam. They will make for perfect pillows in my shams, however!

The motion transfer of the mattress is really quite impressive. Brian has restless legs and I have yet to feel that. Obviously, hard tossing is felt, but small/regular rolling movements are much more well tolerated than compared to our old spring mattress.

Some things of note from my husband:

  • Because his crazy bed-hogging wife takes up most of the bed, he usually moves to the far side of the mattress. Nectar doesn’t have as rigid a side as our spring mattress, it compresses a bit and also when sitting on the edge.
  • He liked that he felt comfortable in most sleeping positions because the mattress contoured to his body which provided a deeper sleep.
  • Changing positions felt cumbersome at first and perhaps just takes some getting used to.
  • He liked the pillow for reading and back sleeping, although it seems heavier than what we’re used to.
  • Watching movies in bed is more comfortable.

So to sum it all up, I’m really pleased with our Nectar mattress. I think this company has a lot to offer and you basically have nothing to lose with Nectar’s amazingly long return policy. Delivery was easy, opening was easy, and sleeping was comfortable.

If you’d like to try Nectar Sleep Mattress for yourself,
please click here to receive $125 off and two free pillows! 

Thank you to Nectar for providing us with a queen sized mattress and pillows to review!

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