Our master bedroom makeover

May 10, 2016

I had so much fun decorating our room! It was the last room in our house to get any special treatment since we moved in almost 2 years ago. If you remember, I posted an inspiration board a while back that had most of the things I wanted to buy for our room. We had the room mostly finished for about 2 months now, but it took 12 weeks for the nightstands to be made and shipped to us so that’s why I haven’t posted sooner.

Once I decided on a quilt, it was pretty easy to take it from there with the color scheme. And things would catch my eye when I wasn’t even looking for them, like the dresser tray, the drapes, and those wall letters. Even the rug. It was so exciting because that never happens when I set out to find something that specific. I just let the room form on its own in that sense.

And probably one of the coolest (and unexpected) features about our new bed were the touch light switches built into the side (third picture down) that turns our lamps on and off! So no more reaching way up. We can even turn each others off from our own side which provides a wonderfully passive aggressive way of letting the other person know you’re ready to go to sleep.

Oh, and two things: I am taking my sweet time finding the perfect art print to go above the bed so there is nothing there right now. And the birch branches on my dresser light up with a timer and I still have to get a styrofoam insert to stick them in because right now they don’t have any real shape besides leaning up in a vase.

Ok, so here it is!

Bedroom furniture set: Woodley’s
Mirror and rug: Homegoods
Wall letters, orange tray, light up birch branches: Michael’s
Wall lamps: Overstock
Quilt and mohair blanket: Pottery Barn
Accent chair and drapes: Khol’s
Silver picture frame, ceramic candle holder, gold dipped vase: Birchbox
Cactus art print: Joojoo
Paint: Taupe Tease by Behr

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