Our trip to Washington DC: The National Monuments

July 23, 2014

Last Friday, at the last minute, we booked the dogs a reservation at their doggie daycare. We were going to bring them with us but we figured it would be good for them to get out some energy and we’d be able to see more things without them. So we dropped them off and headed to DC around 9 in the morning. We got there around noon, found a parking garage and quickly began our tour of the national monuments (after eating and peeing and buying new sunscreen because I left the one I had in the car and they took our keys to park it so we couldn’t go back).

Our first stop was The White House. It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. There were some protesters and some guy preaching loudly about something that no one was really listening to.

Continuing on, we walked to the Washington Monument which we couldn’t help but laugh at it’s resemblance to a phallus. Soooooorry!

Once we reached the monument and looked around a bit, we walked across the grass to the WW II memorial.

We grabbed a giant ice pop and went to see the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. It’s shocking at just how many names are on it.

Next up was the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool. I was pretty excited about this because of it being featured in Forest Gump. The movie quotes were flying at this point.

And finally, we headed to the Korean War Veteran’s Memorial. My legs were so sore at this point!

After we saw everything, we walked (or rather, Brian walked, I hobbled) back to the car and headed to our hotel to check in. Another hotel? Yes! As usual, we had to change rooms to a quieter room. And we hung out by the pool for a while. After we rested for a bit, we headed to Georgetown to get some dinner. We ate at Tackle Box, which had one of the tastiest clam chowders I’ve ever had in my life, no joke!

We walked around after dinner, went into shops, and attempted to go to Georgetown Cupcakes but the line went up the street so that wasn’t going to happen. Instead we went to Kafe Leopold and got the tastiest of desserts. I didn’t get a pic because it was too dark out at this point. But I got a square brownie with layers of chocolate creme covered in more chocolate and topped with a gold piece of chocolate. Whaat?! And Brian got a piece of 5 layer hazelnut cake with buttercream and topped with almonds. I can’t believe how good the food was in Georgetown. Maybe we were just lucky or maybe all the food there is amazing. Either way, it was a great night.

In my next DC post, I’ll share about the Smithsonian museums.

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