Our Washington DC Trip: The Museums

July 31, 2014

I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked in the museums because some of the exhibits prohibited photography. Plus, I also dropped Brian’s rather expensive camera on the floor after going through the bag check line and didn’t want to touch it again after that (thankfully it didn’t break). Everyone gasped and looked at me since it fell on the metal base of a post so it went BAAAAANNNNNGGGGG and echoed throughout the entire marble-lined building. It was so embarrassing, I can’t even.

From the American History Museum:

From the Natural History Museum:

The Hope Diamond, that we almost MISSED! I wish the blue showed up better in the pic but the spotlights washed it out.

The National Archives building where we saw the Constitution and Declaration of Independence:

The Smithsonian Castle:

Walking around in Brian’s Giants hat like a damn tourist:

We also went into the Portrait Gallery where we saw all the portraits of the presidents. And they had an exhibit for pop culture with all of today’s most popular artists and actors that was pretty cool. We also visited the Holocaust Museum. It could’ve easily taken us an entire weekend to go through any one of these museums to see and read everything but we only had 2 days. It was all pretty amazing though. My favorite thing was seeing the ruby slippers and the hope diamond. And the Holocaust museum had a very touching exhibit about the people who turned in the Jews that were their neighbors. It was so sad but the museum did a wonderful job.

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