Painted succulent pots

June 4, 2014

We went to Lowe’s over Memorial Day weekend and they had the greatest selection of succulents (I find Lowe’s is better than Home Depot in regards to plants). And I’ve had another craft project on my to-do list which involved painting some pots.

I was originally intending on using painter’s tape to get nice straight lines but I nearly quit after trying to tape a straight line on the curved pot. It’s impossible. So I just free handed it with some wall primer that we never got to use to paint over the ugly-ass blue and brown walls in our office.

I realized after I had already painted 3 coats on the pots, that I could have just dipped them in the paint for a literal hand dipped look but then I realized it would make a huge mess letting them drip dry. But I like to do things the hard way.

I just hope I can keep these alive! I have no problem with keeping the jade plant alive as they seriously thrive on neglect, but the other ones I’ve killed in the past. I don’t know what I did wrong either, I just have a brown thumb I guess.

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