Podcasts are my new favorite thing

March 25, 2013

I’m totally late to jump on the podcast bandwagon because I hardly ever listened to my iPod before starting my job. But working 8 hours with no music or anything to listen to can make my job mind numbingly boring. So my husband turned me onto the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast. It’s hilarious and perverted and highly entertaining to listen to. It started in 2010 by Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) in order to help keep Jay off drugs, sort of like an ongoing intervention, and over 2 years later he is still doing these podcasts and Jay is still clean and sober.

I’ve always been a fan of Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob so it’s really interesting to hear their story from how they met, to battling Jay’s drug addiction to where they are now. I highly recommend this podcast if you’re looking for something funny as hell. There’s lots of talk about boners, poop, drugs, vaginas and sex so if that’s not something you find funny, then skip it. But if it is your thing, you will love this podcast!

People at work probably think I’m either laughing at the sex offenders I’m searching through or just totally nuts for sitting there smiling at nothing and snorting because there are some moments where their ridiculous stories get me laughing so hard I start crying and have to stop listening for a few minutes to calm down. One of the stories that did this to me was about Jay flying in an airplane while being dope sick and having to poop while the plane was descending. Totally disgusting and hilarious.

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