Pregnancy pros & cons thus far…

June 9, 2015

I’m 17 weeks as I write this…just starting my 5th month.


  • Watching my bump grow. I still have a hard time believing that pregnancy is happening to me.
  • People are nicer to me. People at work are always asking how I am and holding doors for me. Someone even offered to heat up my lunch for me! Awww! That would never happen before haha.
  • Big boobs and curves. Yup.
  • Reaching milestones and getting to share the news: ultrasound pics, gender, first kicks, etc.
  • First kicks. OMG I thought it was gas for three days but realized, nope it’s him!
  • Making a registry is fun! I learned a lot about cool new products I had no idea existed.
  • Maternity pants.
  • Planning the nursery makes me giddy as hell.
  • Making baby-related DIYs (when I have the energy and patience).
  • The time is really flying, though I’m sure it will slow down when I’m feeling like a house and super uncomfortable.
  • Wondering who he’ll look like/act like/be like.


  • The nastiness of morning sickness things: nausea, gagging, fatigue, puking, sweating, headaches, etc.
  • Puking without warning. My stomach never hurts, it just happens (only three times though).
  • Shortness of breath because my organs are being squished.
  • No more belly sleeping.
  • Discovering new pregnancy symptoms that no one told you about. No further comment.
  • Worrying about every little cramp, zap, and pain I feel. I’m more nervous than enjoying it.
  • Worrying about all the prenatal tests/anticipating bad test results.
  • Knowing too much of what could go wrong because of going through IVF.
  • Sometimes I REALLY just want a beer and under cooked scallops and a hot bath. And all at once.
  • I cry easily/I cry if I’m hungry and don’t want any of the food we have/I cry if I’m tired. I basically feel like I’m on the verge of tears over nothing a lot.
  • My appetite is super finicky/I change my mind multiple times a day on what I want for dinner.
  • Having to drink so much damn water. I’m in the bathroom 30 times a day.
  • Any questions I have, I can never find THE answer. There’s always contradicting answers. Frustrating.
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