Projects on my hook and craft table

May 14, 2014

I have so many unfinished crochet projects lying around and it’s driving me nuts. The main reason for this is that I run out of yarn quicker than I expect. Knit Picks and their small balls. It’s all my own stupid fault for not ordering enough though. It’s hard to imagine I don’t have enough yarn when I end up buying 20 balls of yarn. It’s just that I get one color per ball because I love all the pretty colors but I also love having money too.

I finally ordered more yarn to complete the placemat set I started a while back. Yay! (pattern)

I ran out of purple yarn while making this little elephant (pattern).

I ran out of green yarn while making a little succulent (pattern).

I got sick of running out of yarn so I made some cork coasters with the leftover cork I had from the hometown pride corkboard states I made earlier. I added some gold paint too. Took 4 coats of gold to get a nice solid color but I like the way they came out.

And I didn’t run out of yarn for this but I made another pickle jar cozy with my own made up pattern. They are so fun and quick to make!

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