Random thoughts and observations at the mall

May 18, 2017

  • I know all the stores that have elevators so I don’t have to wait in line to use the one in the food court
  • I saw a girl’s butt cheeks hanging out of the bottom of her shorts
  • Am I getting old, or does the music in some of the “cooler” stores seem to be a touch over too loud?
  • I wonder if the pushy little salesman in L’Occitane is working today. If so, I’m not going in.
  • Does the Lego store sell an R2D2 kit?
  • I want to buy a pair of distressed denim shorts, but not for $70
    (*ahem* looking at YOU Lucky Brand jeans)
  • I also won’t buy a pair of mom shorts. What’s with all the pants being SO high-waisted? Yuck!
    (Looking at YOU Forever 21)
  • Someone’s going to think I shouldn’t be shopping in Forever 21
  • I love seeing people smile at Lachlan sitting and eating in his stroller, leaning back, legs spread out hanging over each side, eating snacks and drinking milk, living it up like a king.
  • Don’t make eye contact with the kiosk salesmen. DON’T LOOK STOP LOOKING AT ME DON’T LOOK STOP LOOKING AT ME
  • It smells like something yummy is cooking in Williams Sonoma and the song playing is good. I almost don’t want to leave
  • I put on too much sample lotion at Bath & Body Works and now my stroller handle is all greasy and sticky
  • Lachlan doesn’t need clothes, but I’m going to look anyway because they are always so cute
  • Why can’t these clothes come in my size?
  • I want Wetzel’s Pretzels with cheese dip
  • I’m sweating my ass off, why?
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