Random Thoughts Lately

May 7, 2017

Random thoughts I’ve had recently

  • I want to “find my fade” but for $170 in yarn that ain’t gonna happen
  • So I’ve had my period once a month, every month for the last 22 years all so my body could get pregnant and have a kid ONCE. How is that fair?
  • I hate how Twitter makes it easy for people to seem quick witted when they probably sat there for more than a few minutes trying to be quick witted
  • Fact: Trying to make friends in your thirties is impossible. I’ve never felt so alone.
  • Why do I keep blogging when no one really cares?
  • I know what my next tattoo is going to be, but the artist hasn’t replied to my email or instagram comment. Fine, I’ll go elsewhere!
  • May the Fourth is kinda making fun of people with lisps if you think about it
  • So there’s washing machines and dryers. Why the hell hasn’t a folding machine been invented yet?
  • I’ve decided I hate eggs
  • As a parent of a 1.5 year old, I’ve come to really miss the use of end tables and putting things on them
  • Can they make a car radio that you can say what songs you never want them to play, removing your most hated songs?
  • Same with Netflix. Can they make it so you can remove titles that you know you’ll never watch to de-clutter the main page?
  • When will they invent a device to upload all your DVDs to so you can throw out your DVDs and never have to get up to put one on again because they’re all stored in this online storage thing?
  • Who is this so called ‘they’ anyway?
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