Taking Stock – Around here in a list

August 26, 2013

Making: Another baby blanket: This one to be exact.
Cooking: The sausage that I had a sample of at Costco. Totally worked.
Drinking: Ice cold water.
Reading: Asylum: The Complete Series. Exceptionally creepy. Plus.
Wanting: To lose 20 pounds.
Looking: Chubby and pimply. So hot.
Playing: I downloaded Candy Crush on my phone. Great. Just great.
Wasting: Nothing really.
Sewing: I gotta sew a new button on my pants.
Wishing: For there to be no such thing as migraines.
Enjoying: The weather has been really great lately. It’s the humidity that kills me.
Liking: World Without End on Netflix.
Wondering: If I traumatized our neighbor’s grandma by talking about penises outside one night.
Loving: Our family room downstairs. It’s slowly coming together.
Hoping: That I don’t run out of podcasts for work this week.
Marveling: At how pretty Caris is in World Without End.
Needing: To get my blood work results back but they aren’t calling me.
Smelling: Sweet Strawberry Yankee Candle. Smells delicious.
Wearing: Pj top and jeans. Didn’t quite make it outside today.
Following: My nose. I don’t know.
Noticing: That my skin is misbehaving again. I miss washing my face one night and boom, breakout.
Knowing: That I’m going to hate getting up for work everyday this week.
Thinking: About how I should decorate the bathroom downstairs.
Feeling: Excited for next week. We may be going to Cape May for a night.
Bookmarking: Funny gifs of puppies.
Opening: A brand new tub of cheese balls made my day. Shit, I’m a fat ass glutton.

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