Taking Stock

August 7, 2013

I found this post idea on Meet Me at Mikes and thought it was a great little change up to the currently posts that are going on around the interwebs.

Making: A round ripple stitch baby blanket.
Cooking: Nothing. I burn things.
Drinking: Langer’s strawberry banana juice. This juice is amazing, yo.
Reading: The last Sookie book. Not really liking it so far either.
Wanting: Money. Lots of money.
Looking: How am I looking, I guess? Kinda chubby and out of shape. Blech.
Playing: I love to throw Mabel the frisbee after work. She’s crazy fast.
Wasting: Not really wasting it, but I’ve been using my PTO a lot lately on days off and Dr appointments.
Sewing: Nothing, but my mom is sewing my living room curtains because they are too long.
Wishing: For a new laptop. This one gets hot and slows down to the point I can’t even type anything.
Enjoying: The weather has been really great lately. It’s the humidity that kills me.
Waiting: To get our blinds up in the bedroom so we can stop hanging a fleece blanket up to block the light.
Liking: Netflix original series. Orange and Black was awesome!
Wondering: What we are going to do about Monty peeing in the house. Back in the crate all day? Ugh.
Loving: That my sister just moved to PA and is a 7 minute drive away.
Hoping: That our housewarming party will be a success.
Marveling: At how much yarn I have but still have yet to use.
Needing: More yarn.
Smelling: Vanilla lime candle from Yankee Candle. It smells like candy!
Wearing: Plaid button down shirt. It’s so cold at work I have to wear long sleeves.
Following: My gut.
Noticing: That my skin is finally starting to behave thanks to alternating Proactiv and my Mia Clairsonic.
Knowing: That I need to get my ass in gear to loose some weight. I’m so uncomfortable.
Thinking: It’s crazy that I will be someone’s mom one day, hopefully next year.
Feeling: Happy, hopeful, and excited.
Bookmarking: Interesting finds for Friday’s bookmark dump.
Opening: I’m about to open a container of ice cream and stuff my face with it’s contents. Bad.
Giggling: This video of Stephanie Tanner dancing to a rap song.

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