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May 15, 2017

Last week we were been dealing with snot, fevers, and puking. So much fun! It was the first time Lachlan’s been sick in over a year so he was really knocked out of it. I’ve never seen him so sad and sick before. He also never wanted to be held by me so much, which was nice, but by the end of the day I was like, ooookay I need a breather. Seeing him like that scared me a lot, I called his doctor’s office twice. Mainly to know at what temperature should we bring him in and also because I was so scared I overdosed him on Ibuprofen by accident. I had given him some to help bring his fever down, but the sweetness of it made him gag and he puked it up immediately. So I gave him more. But the little voice in the back of my head kept saying, ‘you should’ve waited to give him more you stupid fucking idiot’ but the nurse said since he puked it up immediately (and it was a lot BTW), he should be fine. And he was. But shit, nothing scared me more than that. In the end he pulled through it and was much better the next day. Our newly shampooed rug on the other hand, well let’s just say I’ll always have a puke pot handy regardless of the illness due to his super sensitive gag reflex. But I wasn’t totally empty-handed. I ripped out the tissues from a tissue box to catch puke in, which I thought was pretty ingenious because then you just toss it all away and don’t have to wash it.

What else… We were taking Lachlan to a swim class for the last few weeks but we pulled him out and I think we’re gonna wait until he’s older to go back. It wasn’t anything to do with the class or teachers, they were all great. He just didn’t seem to like it and since he’s really super shy, he won’t let the teacher high five him or hold him and after that he just clings on to Brian. He hates going on his back and he hates walking across the foam mat to jump in. So he was pretty much crying and yelling the entire time not enjoying it. So I think we’ll wait till he’s two to try again. Obviously it’s something I want him to do, but if he’s hating every second of it, it’s not worth it.

Also, I’ve been starting to get worried about how few words Lach will say. He babbles like crazy, but hardly says actual words. He says “deedee” for doggie but that was his first and only word for a looooong time until maybe a month ago when he said “garbage” but never again after that. Then just last week, after much prompting, I got him to say “cookie” which he won’t say again, and Brian thinks he said “owl” while reading to him. He’ll also say “bellybutton” but it sounds like “deedeedee” so I don’t know whether to count that as a word since he’s identifying his bellybutton while saying it consistently, but it sounds nothing like “bellybutton.” So I guess I’m not as worried as I was before since he has actually said these two others recently. But do they count if he never says them again? LOL! I think boys are slower to develop certain skills anyway and he’s just a lazy dude. My first niece was practically speaking in complete sentences at two, it’s hard not to compare his development to others. I mean, he didn’t walk till he was a good ways into 15 months. And he still walks like he’s on a sailboat that’s being thrashed by waves sometimes and falls really easily. But he knows what we are saying, and he can identify his bellybutton, hair, and ears. He knows certain toys by their names. He knows certain foods and his milk. He just won’t say them willingly.

Some funny things he’s done lately: He’ll stand up on the ottoman and talk loudly and wildly gesticulate with his hands to us. It’s hilarious. He looks like a tiny dictator. And he also likes to sit on our laps to watch TV and will laugh loudly at whatever he sees, regardless of if it’s funny or not. He obviously sees us doing this, and I should probably curb the TV time now during the day. He also would rather play with sticks and rocks than with toys, so we are going on a toy boycot until his birthday and see where he’s at then. It’s mostly either me or Brian getting excited over a toy because we had it as a kid so we want Lach to have it too, or we just think it’s cool, so we’ll buy it but he couldn’t care less about it and then we’re like, ‘why the hell are we wasting money on toys when he’s happiest with dirt and sticks?’

Other than that, he’s going in for his 18 month check up next week and he’ll be getting his MMR vaccine. I kept pushing it back and so now it will be the only one he’s getting at this appointment, and I feel good about that. I’m curious to see how tall he is, as I think he had another spurt recently. He can now just about touch the light switch on his play workbench. As well as see over the table tops and try to grab things from there now. He’s in size 6 shoes, 2T tops, and 18m bottoms, and I think now I’ll start to see a slowing down of growth so he can stay in his current size longer, which is nice.

We approached the last line in the development chart in The Wonder Weeks app. It ends with sunshine, so does that mean it’s going to be all sunshine forever? Haha.

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